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Heavens Gate
The Art of Being One..
greetings unto you beloved and “wholly” friends..
As with any class one would embark upon
you are all in the class of ~be-coming~
that which you truly are…
And as with any course…it is more about the
journey and all that happens during..around
and within the desire for the class
that is truly experienced..  sometimes you will
get one of your little “badges” that says
congratulations…you have passed the class..!!!
yet…….there is always another class is there
not my beloved’s…??? may not be a class in school…but each and
every day your are in school…….you are in the class
of growing the Soul of Christ…
Christed Consciousness…
As you enter the higher levels of any learning
some of the classes may appear to be a little more difficult…
Yet somewhere within you …there is an excitement about
the idea that if you have done so well with all of the other
classes then this class is also achievable..
Yes..there may be a little hesitation…but then you
jump into the new class and find yourself
growing..expanding and becoming aware
of new material…… ways of looking at how
you will proceed within this new class…
this is where you find yourselves to be..those of you
who are on the path to Self-Realization…to bringing
forth that which you already are…Christ Mind..
The perfect extension of the love of God…
So…you have now entered the class of Oneness..
many of you are truly…truly beginning to take it in
on a deeper level that “all is you”…
Now……….that sounds wonderful does it not???
All is me……….the rain that drops gently…the wind
that blows thru my hair…the sweet angel grandmother
who holds me in her loving arms…yes…they are all
an aspect of me revealing to me the depths of the
love that I am…
Yet…allow me to say that many of you have what i would
call the blinders on when it comes to truly ~recognizing~
that even the murderer is an aspect of you…
if all is you precious hearts………then ~all is you~
not just the nice parts……not just the parts
of you that are easy to recognize…
have you ever had a murderous thought??
thoughts create reality….and this is what you
truly have wanted to deny….and that is okay..
you have simply outgrown it…. and it Is Time!!!
it is time now for all to take responsibility
for what they are creating……by retraining your
mind to think with Love…To align with the heart..
to live from the heart………..and let go of the
intellectual mind that will never get you where
you truly desire to be…
i have been asking denisa to “heal the terrorist within her” many that may sound a little cruel…
yet she was willing and dove in…what she has
and is still in the process of discovering is that
the terrorist within is the one that projects its
own feelings of a lack of love
“out there”…
believing herself to have been separate
from the Love she never truly left
that belief is being mirrored to her over and over
again thru her angels in the guise of  bodies..
their very presence of lack thereof
convincing her that her belief that she is separate
from love must be true ….after all…look around
me………….there seems to be “no love”
~you all know this place do you not
dear ones~???
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…precious hearts
allow yourself to heal this deeply with
your very own self-love!!!
Self-love….heals all things…
if you carry a belief that “something is Wrong with the world
you will project that belief on to “the world outside of you”
what if i told you that there is nothing wrong with the world
just as it is……….
oh…..precious hearts…if you could live from that “space”
would there be any need to project…would you ever
have to feel pain and struggle if you knew that each
and every moment is the perfection of love
just as it is???
Liken it to your Osama…… know…that one
….oh yes….much judgment here i would say..
is he not just a symbol of that one who would
see “the other” outside of himself as the bad guy
instead of healing his own feelings of a lack
of love within himself………… is much easier
to say “it is their fault” and attack another…
this is not the way of Love precious hearts..
Love goes within and uncovers all of the hidden
places within that are holding feelings of
~i am unloved~   within themselves…
this is the way of peace…precious friends..
it is to heal all within yourself…
for as you judge another…you immediately harm yourself
for all is YOU….
would you not desire to only extend love
to YOURSELF….????
i must say…it is quite a de-light!!!!!!!!!!!!
at this time…it is imperative that you begin
to see that ~all~ that arises within you and around
you is an aspect of you…
Every thought creates a reality…and in order to truly
come home to Self all of these parts of you
must be integrated back within your sacred heart…
Yes..precious ones…these aspects of yourself
are ~simply asking for you love~ by acknowledging them..
embracing them..thus transcending them.~.
if you truly desire to be the blazing sun
of Abba that desires simply to flow its love thru you
unimpeded…………then you must embrace and love
all of yourself…
It is a wonderful sight to watch so many of you sending
your light and love to what you “perceive” to be
troubled spots around your globe… is a wonderful service to love…!!!!
however…… you send your love and light
to the starving and homeless and troubled and misplaced
can you dive deeper within and embrace the places
within you where you carry a belief in lack..
a fear of survival……….can you really dive deep within
and find that “root” within you and bring your love to it???
For i will say….(and many may cringe at these words)
they are all a play out of your belief in lack…
your belief that you must survive this world…
thus…….you create that reality…
it is “out pictured” in your world..!!!
To be a conscious creator is to take ~all~
within you and love…love deeply
these separated aspects of yourself
that you have been unwilling to see as your
very own creations…
I often hear many talk of the “dark ones”
oh…precious hearts……
they are your saviors…pointing the way
within that would ask of you to heal the
“shadow” within you…
and i must say……….most of it is very deeply
hidden under the surface………pushed down so
deep inside of you…………..yet the “effects” of
the roots are mirroring to you as each and every and thing that you encounter…
Denisa has been on a “deep” journey within
for a few months now…i brought to her and she shared
it with many of you the dharma on unconditional love..
what is it truly to love unconditionally…
a grand discovery was made as she dove in deeply
to the hidden places within…she discovered
this little me within that was always asking
“what about me”….???
oh..yes…it is very well hidden..
you know that space where you see another doing
something you wish you could do…or another
seeming to slight you…there is a place deep within
that is screaming..”what about me”???
what she has discovered is that there is
“no me”…the little me
nothing to gain…and certainly nothing to lose..
there is only I AM…and when you live from that
knowingness………..the little me dissolves into
the light………….then it simply becomes the servant
of love………extending the love of abba wherever
the body or the soul itself find itself to be..taking “no thought”
for itself………..simply being the presence of love.
as always……..she is now experiencing the answer…
how then do you experience unconditional love???
it is to allow all parts of you to surface
and to bring your love to them by your embracement
for the Love within you alone heals all things..
it is unconditional love of Self…
the very Self that brings forth each and every
arising that is the absolute perfection for your
soul in that moment…it is to honor your Self
by loving what is brought forth….
So…it is time to allow the weeding of your gardens
and over the next few “moments” of your time
these energies moving thru your earth
will allow this to “come to the surface for you”…
you see…………there is a place…”a truth” within you
that you will discover when you are willing to heal
every belief within you that is not of love..
If you would please put a picture of Yourself
right next to any and every picture you have ever
had of any master that you resonate with…
then………fall in love with that picture of you
and Remember the very Love
that brought You into Being..!!!!
 spend time each day “adoring the love that you are
one with”……trust me…that is a most wondrous way
to “spend your time”……….
you are as i am..
if you asked me what i am…
i would answer..
simple………love is a movement of the One..
i choose to call abba……….i Love
by allowing that One to move thru me
unimpeded in its extension of itself…
In order for this perfect love to extend thru you
one must remove all of the blockages
that keep the ever flowing waters of grace
from touching the furthest of stars…
as you become empty of self..
then Abba fills you with the waters of grace
and the “spillover” is felt and known
by all around you…
This is what it truly is to be
the Living Light…
so………your class then over the next few moments
of your time is to allow whatever arises
and see it differently…If there is anger around you..
discover and embrace the anger within you…
if there is judgment around you…look deeply to discover
all of the ways you judge “what is”..
if you are feeling unloved….look deeply to discover
how deeply you have carried this belief
within yourself…
Dear Hearts…a Master does not blame..
A Master knows that he/she can never be
a victim………..
When you take full responsibility
for all that you experience
you will come to delight in finding
those parts of you that are looking
for your very own self-love…
Leave them outside of you no longer..
Bring all of you within the heart of love..
for you see precious hearts..
each and every one of you truly abides
within The One Heart of Abba..
right where you are…right now..
My purpose then is for you to remember
this truth
and discover all of the beliefs within you
that have kept…blocked..this truth
from you…
~heaven is but a thought away~
it is for YOU to discover…re-member
that “thought”
that alone will bridge the gap
between where you think you are
and where you truly abide…
If I am with you always….and I am..
then ~where do you truly abide precious..precious friends~
it is simply your beliefs that keep this
knowingness from your reality…
remember this …~what you believe from the depths
of your being is what you will experience.~
imagine then…if only love is real….
then “see” only the love within all things
and THAT will be your experience…
with that….and with a grand grand love..
we bid you adieu…
~I AM the Voice of Love ~
i await your entry into this “space”
where we abide as One..
it is within you Now…

~creating from the heart ~


Creating From The Heart…
Indeed…it is with great …great Joy
that we come forth this day to share
with you what we know many of you are already feeling..
You have arrived in a very new “space”
and allow us to say your are like the new born
babe who is finding it difficult to adjust to
this new “space” you find yourself to be in..
For many of are still in a very deep
and necessary clearing process…all of those old
beliefs….especially centered around a very
deep and hidden belief within you…”the need to
“seek” for love….and of course precious hearts.
you are “witnessing” that this belief
has brought you exactly what you created..
When you truly stop seeking for love
outside of yourself
and open to receive love from within
you ~become~ love…you expand love…
you become a living mirror of the radiance
of the Love that lives within you Now…
You open the palms to receive Love..
You allow love to bring up all unlike
that love within you…you embrace it..
then grace descends like a gentle dove
and that ~spill over~ is given to all
that are sent to you…
Please ponder this deeply…!!!
You are removing all of the blockages
(the veil)
that have “hidden” the
Real World…
A wonderful thought to live each now
is ~ I  AM  LOVED~!!!!!!!
every aspect of creation is
~in love with me ~
all of creation supports my choice
to birth Christ
and each is bringing me gifts of gold
and sapphire as my Source
brings me home to my only true Reality…
In this new space you are coming to realize
that a thought outside of the one heart that
all abide within  will instantly bring you pain..the opposite
of what you   ~ truly ~  desire…
for your true desire is to ~feel loved~
and it is to truly Know the feeling and feel
the feeling that is your desire…
words alone are simply a symbol
that point the way to Loves reality…
~It Is Within You ~  !!!!!
as you return to that state of oneness
it fills you and flows thru you..
without thought…without doing..
simply by “being” who you are…
 if you can allow these fractured parts of yourself
to simply be acknowledged…embraced
and brought back into the heart
you will move thru this and experience it
as more of a flow than something to resist..
This is our message for today…
Let go of the resistance…put the palms to the
side that are screaming to the universe…
“no more”
for dear one
you are resisting love.. is all love and if you will but
rest into that truth and Know that everything
you are experiencing now you have called to yourself
so that you can once again truly carry
the frequencies of the divine
you will  find there is a flow…much like the waters
that fill up the dam and then the dam breaks..
what needs to be released flows thru
and there is a relief within you…
then…another build up of energy…(love)
and another release……….
(is this not being mirrored in
your world at this moment????
it is mirroring what you are doing
within you…)
Precious Friends…
Love flows unimpeded…
Where you truly abide is within the Heart
Of your Creator…
all unlike that “knowingness”
that reality…that Truth
is “up for review”
and is asking for your Love…
as you allow the ~dissolving~ of the last traces
of the small self
You become again
that Which You Are..
The essence of god appearing in a body
simply to extend love…
There is no longer an  ~ i ~
there is only “all is me”
and as i love me
i love all of me..
as i give to you
i give to me..
as i acknowledge the truth of you
i grow the remembrance of the
Love I AM…
In this new space you move with the energies
of the heart…
You Know that all is divine within each arising
and you Acknowledge that truth
by “loving” the now moment…
we will now move back into the silence
and ask of you
to visit us there often…
we are with you always…
~ The Voice of Love ~
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You literally “greet ” the very light that
you now KNOW you are within  and One with
AS each now moment..
this is a verse from todays message from the voice of love..
i was nudged to bring it to light again
as a “thought”  ….a   Truth
that if we ponder deeply will reveal
much to us…
think of it..
each now arising
you are greeting the Love you are..
to perceive otherwise
is to see with the “unreal” world..
with love..denisa

Love speaks of grace and forgiveness


Grace and Forgiveness…
It is with great….great joy that we come forth
this day to share a message of love and grace..
Grace is that “state” that you already abide within…
There is no-thing you ~need to do~ to obtain
Grace………..You already live within a state of grace…
Allow those words to ~sink deeply~
there is nothing you ~need to do~to obtain
what you ~already are~….!!!
~except to let go of what you are Not~  !!!!!
The thought of what it would be like to create
separate from  this “house i dwell within”
is what you are experiencing now…and many
of you are awakening to the fact that you
truly never left this “house” of love…
yet you are experiencing the ‘effects”
of that thought…plain and simple…
i will call that state
~the pain of separation~
precious hearts……….
Grace………..that state of pure love
which is the only love  that is real has already
been given unto you….Yes…you are already
seen as totally innocent by your creator..
your “”True Self””
If you could live from this knowingness within
each and every arising you would begin to
“take deep within” how deeply your are loved
 you would begin to feel from the depths
of your being the  magnificent love
that you are…….
to bathe yourself in this knowingness is what
self-love is all about……..
To “put on your crown of light” and wrap
yourself in ~my “cloak ~
is to recognize
that you are the love that i AM..
It Is Time precious hearts
to Own this truth…
You Are The Very Same Love
I am…you are the Light…the Love
that all of creation springs forth from!!!!!!
You have already been gifted with the
waters of grace that set you free…
Yes…precious friends…if you would
know grace”            you must  ~live grace~
allow yourself to truly take that deep within…
you must    ~live grace~
What does this statement mean…??
There is an awareness that permeates the soul
when you live from a state of total self love…
.The natural by product of this presence
within you is to see that very same truth
within all persons..places..things…
What i am truly saying is that as you dive
deep within and uncover all of the effects
of  your lack of self-love and grow into the
remembrance of the innocent christ light you
already are………..then…oh then……..there is
a soft and gentle approach to each day..
each arising…each moment becomes a sacrament
to extending that very grace to the “other”…
ahhhhhhhhhhh…if you would but allow it
it is a grand de-Light”……oh yes…for as you give it
you fill Yourself with it…and why???
because precious heart there is only You
as you give to you….you give to ~you~…
one and the same!!!!!!!!
You literally “greet ” the very light that
you now KNOW you are within  and One with
AS each now moment..
Yes…you discover…remember
what i truly came here to mirror to you..
to try to ~point to~ in a variety of different
words and actions..
That truth is that
~ There is Only Love ~
all…All unlike it is an illusion..
and yet…that very illusion cannot be left untransformed..
and what transforms it precious hearts…??
yes…this is the path before you now..
It is Time for you to
~step into Your True Self~
and allow all unlike it to vanish
like a wind as you reach deep within
and discover its presence and bring
it back within the heart of love..
the heart that heals all things…
Within each choice that you as a spark of the
 divine light ~make for self-love~
by going deep within your own garden..
 pulling up  the roots of the seeds containing
a lack of self love that you
have planted deep within your sub-conscious
you now create a “space” for grace to descend
into your  very being…
in other words…… are growing Christ…Love..
Abba…whatever name you choose to use..
andAbba is continually expanding itself
how grand to truly realize that You
right where you are
are a part of that!!!
As you do this you “soften” your soil
and as you soften your soil more and more
of the waters of grace can enter within
your holy mind and bloom the most wondrous
of flowers…
This process “grows Christ” and the natural
effect of this practice
is that you not only come to remember
the Light you are…………you realize
that ~ all things are pervaded within that
very light ~
Now…you have begun to experience the
truth that i spoke of eons ago…
Your only desire now has become
only to Know  and experience the mystery that
surrounds you and from this desire you begin to
realize that as you only acknowledge that light
within all things…………loves perfect presence..
the mystery  of abba begins to reveal itself
to you more and more..
a softness…a gentleness begins to radiate out
from your very being
and it touches all with its perfection
in ways unseen or often known by you..
You become the living light…!!!!
~the bearer of Miracles~
Now….you discover that your only true
purpose is to extend this love wherever
you find yourself to be..
You have now re-membered
that to really Know Grace for Your Self
you must give it away….you must extend it…!!!
Precious hearts…greet each now moment
with the gentleness of Christ..
Look upon all with the eyes of love
for to do so
is  what must naturally flow from an
awakened heart…extending the radiance
of your own True Self..
When you truly Know your Innocence..
you will recognize it within all…
This is a most wondrous time over these coming
days of your Solstice to plant new seeds
in the garden of your one true heart..
Plant seeds of gratitude…plant seeds
of forgiveness…plant seeds of allowing..
plant seeds of grand self-love…
water them each  day …ask the waters of grace
to come and bring the purest of waters to
your newly planted seeds..
dig up the roots that have grown weeds
that no longer serve you…bless them
and bring them to me…i will dissolve them
and transform them into seeds of Pure Light..!!!!
Love will add to your new blooms of grace
with each release of that which truly
no longer serves the perfection and grandness
of the love you truly are..
Remember… are the caretaker..
the one chosen to “look over and take care of”
your own garden (your consciousness)
but remember this…
Love and Love alone….is the
yes….you choose from the seeds that
speak of love
and  That Grand Mystery will bring forth
the most wondrous effects of that planting…
does this make sense to you???
This solstice……..grow grace in your garden…
Give the gift of Grace to all of your
brothers and sisters
by recognizing the truth of
who you are and giving that very gift
to all that you see………… 
Drink  in the love that you are..
that surrounds you…that birthed you..
Look in the mirror and remember
that you are a reflection
of that very Mystery of love itself..
Really stop and ~take it in~ that
it is that very radiance that birthed You..!!!!
Know this….anything else you think
you see in that mirror that does not
speak to you of this truth
~Is Untrue~…..
allow ~all of that ~ to fall away
as the leaves would fall from a gentle wind
allowing new growth…new life
to unfold…
Love..Laugh…Dance and Sing
with that..
we bid you adieu…
~The Voice of Love ~
denisa and jeshua
(a co-creation of extended love)

~ the art of letting go~


photo from “”
The Art of Letting Go…
Precious divine beings of light…
take note of the picture above and know
that many of us…whether we are just beginning
to awaken or have been on the path for a very long time
are being asked to let go of all that feels heavy…
cumbersome…like a stone holding you down…
The One Love…i will call abba…all that is…
your I AM Presence
is  moving in so to say right where you find yourself
to be in a body still seemingly in space and time…it
is pure divine love and as it “moves in”
everything you have held onto unlike this Love
is asking for us to release it…to heal it…
and how do you heal it…with love my beloveds..
with love..
See yourself with hands outstretched giving up
all that now seems to no longer serve you…
this could include of the unknown..
attachments …even family members that no longer
seem to “fit” with where you want to be…
You know those ones that bring a fear into your very belly..
an uncomfortableness..
you see precious hearts…all is energy…
yes….here on earth all appears to be in a separate “form”
but all of it is energy being given to you on a silver
platter….all if it is asking for your love…
Resistance is the opposite of love…
to push away or continue to allow that which
no longer matches your frequency will only
get more cumbersome over the following days
and months……….
i know that feeling that says
“if i let go what will happen to me”??
i tell you that nothing will happen..
what you let go of now dear ones is not
good or bad….for all simply is…
as you let go of what no longer serves you
in its current form
a new and higher version of that very same
event will manifest for you…
Allow me to take you into a very easy and powerful
Think of a or thing….
(these are all events)
Something that in your being right now feels heavy…
the thought of it could bring anger…fear…resentment
shame………..and all the rest..
then picture a stone sitting  right outside of you
look at it with they eye of love..
this stone is carrying your density…
in truth…it is that part of you that believes
itself to be ~separate~ from abba…
you have pushed away this aspect of you
but it is alive and well and very much
kicking up its feet stirring up as you
enter the higher frequencies…
it too wants to too desires
to come home to the one heart of love…
yes…it appears to be outside of you
but in truth it is within you…
Now…come within and ask of love
what color you can extend thru your heart
into the stone….a color will be given to you….
you may hear it or see matters not…
simply extend that ray of color
from your heart to the stone…
watch it begin to change colors…ask it to come
within your heart now………
you will feel the stone begin to lift……..allow this…
set it free ~in love~ precious ones..
do this over and over again as anything comes
up for you that feels heavy…uncomfortable…
each time you do this bring the stone back
into your heart and allow it to rise up
allow it to ascend thru your crown chakra
and return to the very heart of love
to be dissolved and returned to its
essence of love….
for you see dear ones…you are by this very process
healing the event with love….you are
letting it go and healing it with the very power
of love that lives within you…
Only love heals….to resist these events or
try to heal them on the level of mind
will not get you where you want to go…
allow me to ask you this….as the stone
arises within you what are you truly doing??
I will tell you….you are lifting your very self
out of duality into a new and higher version
of Yourself…and you are doing it for the Whole
because you are all One…
This is one of the grandest gifts you can
give to yourself and mankind….healing
all unlike love ~with the very power of love
that is now Alive And Burning
within You….
Yes…you are the creators..
You carry all the power to transform
everything in your life and as you do
you lift all of your brothers and sisters…
These are parts of you that are coming
to you now simply asking for your love…
You  have believed them to be outside
of you “somewhere out there” but allow me
to say…………they are within you…aspects of
yourself simply saying…”will you love me too”…???
it is saying “i have been holding onto all of your
heavy beliefs and fears…resentments and angers…
i want to be set free…!!!!
allow them to fly as free as the eagle…
set them free with love precious ones…
for Only Love Heals…
remember this …
~Love will always find you~
you are Never Alone…
with that…
we bid you adieu…
~the voice of love~
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Love yourself today precious ones
by recognizing that all is you….the good….the bad…
it simply is……………all desires to return to love…

~ I Ask Jeshua ~


~ Gratitude~
i ask Jeshua…
I find myself deep in muck…all around me are reflections
of being unloved..unworthy and alone…
i find myself wanting to blame others…wondering
how they could be so “blind” to the love
i know I am…
Precious One…
Come deep within and allow me to bathe you
in the love that is already there waiting for
your embrace…
These seeming persecutors in truth are your angels
coming to help you dissolve your illusions..
the many false masks You have placed
over the truth of Who You Are…
They are effects of a lack of self-love…
a deep….deeply hidden i would say belief
in your unworthiness to receive love…
I cannot heal this for you…What i can do
is speak to you of the power of gratitude…
I know it is easy to be grateful  for the person…
places and things that surround you that bring
joy to your experience… ahhhhh…yes….we can be
grateful when our pockets are full of money
and we see another who is struggling…you know
that type of gratitude….it sounds like this..
i am so grateful for what i have…look at poor so and so
over there………..this precious ones…is separation…
for the one who you perceive to be poor
is a reflection of your own beliefs in lack
and that act of gratitude is a ploy to
keep what you think is “yours” in the moment…
so…you have projected your fear of lack
onto the one in front of you…
Gratitude…………..true gratitude….the way of true love..
is grateful for each and every arising…
do you ever notice a state of guilt is within you
when you perceive another as having less than you…??
well…underneath that declaration of gratitude
is a very hidden fear that it could be you…
and you are simply being grateful that it is not…
The masks precious ones are coming off..
Your masks…………
The effects of your thoughts of unworthiness
are “showing” up asking for your love….
Yes…precious ones…only Love heals…
You cannot resist or push these away for they
will simply keep showing up in another form
until you heal them….
Every Now is fresh and new…
It is you that creates the experience
you will have..
You are always either witnessing your true reflection
that which is of love
or you are simply witnessing a past belief
showing up on the “face of Christ “
in front of you…
if it be the latter…simply change your mind..
embrace the effect of your lack of self-love
and choose again…for your True Power
lies within your choice for love
within each and every arising..
So…begin with gratitude for their appearance..
Admit that you do not know what a single thing
is or what it is for…
rest in the loving arms of the one who birthed you
and simply allow correction to come..
It will come….for once you “ask” from a place
of absolute unknowing………..only then do you create
an energetic blank space for the gift of grace
to descend within your holy mind…
So..begin with gratitude for what is…
ask that what is in need of your love be revealed
to you….
bathe yourself in your own Self-Love each day
many times a day…
allow the feelings to arise within the body
and release them………….and love yourself for being willing
to birth the Christed Self that you truly are
by being willing to release all unlike that truth
as it arises….
Mostly…be gentle with yourselves..
Do not judge yourself for your creations
but simply look lovingly and choose again…
to look lovingly at your creations
that appear unlike love
is true forgiveness..
forgiveness allows…embraces…
those acts dear ones are of Love…
Judgment and resistance
are the exact opposite of love
and will only bring you more
of the same…
allow the windows of your soul to be
washed “crystal” clean…
It truly is that simple if one would allow it…
simply acknowledge and embrace the effects
of past beliefs
and state out loud to the love that envelops you…
I Choose Again…I  Choose Self Love…
Bathe yourself in the loving arms of your
own self love and tell yourself what a grand creator
you are……………….you are an innocent creator
and you simply have been creating from beliefs
you are separate from Love itself…
simply choose again and allow Love
to “open the blinds”…
all this is needed is to embrace and choose with love…
the deepest and most hidden fears that are
coming up to be released now are the fear
of loss and the fear of survival..
yet i say unto you…”what could you survive’??
ponder that deeply beloveds…
there is much there to be Realized
in that question…
We honor all of you for your willingness
to release and heal all that is unlike love
within you…
Know that we are simply a thought away
and call on us to come and guide you as you
traverse the last steps into your
New Now…
you are loved…you are love…
you are loving forever…
be at peace this day…