~ the art of letting go~


photo from “lettinggoofabundance.com”
The Art of Letting Go…
Precious divine beings of light…
take note of the picture above and know
that many of us…whether we are just beginning
to awaken or have been on the path for a very long time
are being asked to let go of all that feels heavy…
cumbersome…like a stone holding you down…
The One Love…i will call abba…all that is…
your I AM Presence
is  moving in so to say right where you find yourself
to be in a body still seemingly in space and time…it
is pure divine love and as it “moves in”
everything you have held onto unlike this Love
is asking for us to release it…to heal it…
and how do you heal it…with love my beloveds..
with love..
See yourself with hands outstretched giving up
all that now seems to no longer serve you…
this could include relationships..jobs..fears of the unknown..
attachments …even family members that no longer
seem to “fit” with where you want to be…
You know those ones that bring a fear into your very belly..
an uncomfortableness..
you see precious hearts…all is energy…
yes….here on earth all appears to be in a separate “form”
but all of it is energy being given to you on a silver
platter….all if it is asking for your love…
Resistance is the opposite of love…
to push away or continue to allow that which
no longer matches your frequency will only
get more cumbersome over the following days
and months……….
i know that feeling that says
“if i let go what will happen to me”??
i tell you that nothing will happen..
what you let go of now dear ones is not
good or bad….for all simply is…
as you let go of what no longer serves you
in its current form
a new and higher version of that very same
event will manifest for you…
Allow me to take you into a very easy and powerful
Think of a person..place or thing….
(these are all events)
Something that in your being right now feels heavy…
the thought of it could bring anger…fear…resentment
shame………..and all the rest..
then picture a stone sitting  right outside of you
look at it with they eye of love..
this stone is carrying your density…
in truth…it is that part of you that believes
itself to be ~separate~ from abba…
you have pushed away this aspect of you
but it is alive and well and very much
kicking up its feet stirring up as you
enter the higher frequencies…
it too wants to ascend..it too desires
to come home to the one heart of love…
yes…it appears to be outside of you
but in truth it is within you…
Now…come within and ask of love
what color you can extend thru your heart
into the stone….a color will be given to you….
you may hear it or see it..it matters not…
simply extend that ray of color
from your heart to the stone…
watch it begin to change colors…ask it to come
within your heart now………
you will feel the stone begin to lift……..allow this…
set it free ~in love~ precious ones..
do this over and over again as anything comes
up for you that feels heavy…uncomfortable…
each time you do this bring the stone back
into your heart and allow it to rise up
allow it to ascend thru your crown chakra
and return to the very heart of love
to be dissolved and returned to its
essence of love….
for you see dear ones…you are by this very process
healing the event with love….you are
letting it go and healing it with the very power
of love that lives within you…
Only love heals….to resist these events or
try to heal them on the level of mind
will not get you where you want to go…
allow me to ask you this….as the stone
arises within you what are you truly doing??
I will tell you….you are lifting your very self
out of duality into a new and higher version
of Yourself…and you are doing it for the Whole
because you are all One…
This is one of the grandest gifts you can
give to yourself and mankind….healing
all unlike love ~with the very power of love
that is now Alive And Burning
within You….
Yes…you are the creators..
You carry all the power to transform
everything in your life and as you do
you lift all of your brothers and sisters…
These are parts of you that are coming
to you now simply asking for your love…
You  have believed them to be outside
of you “somewhere out there” but allow me
to say…………they are within you…aspects of
yourself simply saying…”will you love me too”…???
it is saying “i have been holding onto all of your
heavy beliefs and fears…resentments and angers…
i want to be set free…!!!!
allow them to fly as free as the eagle…
set them free with love precious ones…
for Only Love Heals…
remember this …
~Love will always find you~
you are Never Alone…
with that…
we bid you adieu…
~the voice of love~
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feel free to pass these along as you are so guided…
please keep them in their original content..
Love yourself today precious ones
by recognizing that all is you….the good….the bad…
it simply is……………all desires to return to love…

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