~creating from the heart ~


Creating From The Heart…
Indeed…it is with great …great Joy
that we come forth this day to share
with you what we know many of you are already feeling..
You have arrived in a very new “space”
and allow us to say your are like the new born
babe who is finding it difficult to adjust to
this new “space” you find yourself to be in..
For many of you..you are still in a very deep
and necessary clearing process…all of those old
beliefs….especially centered around a very
deep and hidden belief within you…”the need to
“seek” for love….and of course precious hearts.
you are “witnessing” that this belief
has brought you exactly what you created..
When you truly stop seeking for love
outside of yourself
and open to receive love from within
you ~become~ love…you expand love…
you become a living mirror of the radiance
of the Love that lives within you Now…
You open the palms to receive Love..
You allow love to bring up all unlike
that love within you…you embrace it..
then grace descends like a gentle dove
and that ~spill over~ is given to all
that are sent to you…
Please ponder this deeply…!!!
You are removing all of the blockages
(the veil)
that have “hidden” the
Real World…
A wonderful thought to live each now
is ~ I  AM  LOVED~!!!!!!!
every aspect of creation is
~in love with me ~
all of creation supports my choice
to birth Christ
and each is bringing me gifts of gold
and sapphire as my Source
brings me home to my only true Reality…
In this new space you are coming to realize
that a thought outside of the one heart that
all abide within  will instantly bring you pain..the opposite
of what you   ~ truly ~  desire…
for your true desire is to ~feel loved~
and it is to truly Know the feeling and feel
the feeling that is your desire…
words alone are simply a symbol
that point the way to Loves reality…
~It Is Within You ~  !!!!!
as you return to that state of oneness
it fills you and flows thru you..
without thought…without doing..
simply by “being” who you are…
 if you can allow these fractured parts of yourself
to simply be acknowledged…embraced
and brought back into the heart
you will move thru this and experience it
as more of a flow than something to resist..
This is our message for today…
Let go of the resistance…put the palms to the
side that are screaming to the universe…
“no more”
for dear one
you are resisting love..
yes..it is all love and if you will but
rest into that truth and Know that everything
you are experiencing now you have called to yourself
so that you can once again truly carry
the frequencies of the divine
you will  find there is a flow…much like the waters
that fill up the dam and then the dam breaks..
what needs to be released flows thru
and there is a relief within you…
then…another build up of energy…(love)
and another release……….
(is this not being mirrored in
your world at this moment????
it is mirroring what you are doing
within you…)
Precious Friends…
Love flows unimpeded…
Where you truly abide is within the Heart
Of your Creator…
all unlike that “knowingness”
that reality…that Truth
is “up for review”
and is asking for your Love…
as you allow the ~dissolving~ of the last traces
of the small self
You become again
that Which You Are..
The essence of god appearing in a body
simply to extend love…
There is no longer an  ~ i ~
there is only “all is me”
and as i love me
i love all of me..
as i give to you
i give to me..
as i acknowledge the truth of you
i grow the remembrance of the
Love I AM…
In this new space you move with the energies
of the heart…
You Know that all is divine within each arising
and you Acknowledge that truth
by “loving” the now moment…
we will now move back into the silence
and ask of you
to visit us there often…
we are with you always…
~ The Voice of Love ~
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