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~allowance of what is ~

As you watch the events of the
“world” unfold
bless all by allowing only that
which is Real
allow it to flow thru you
with one intention…
precious hearts
as you have been dropping off much density
within yourself
so goes the world…
as within…so without..!!!  yes??
know that all is in divine order
 you are the creators of your experience..
you can choose how you will experience change…..
~you can choose to see it thru the eye of love~
filling your being with peace
and then skip into your day
or you can choose
to step into the fear…
much like standing behind the curtain
of your own movie
and it is your choice
whether you will be the observer
of the movie
knowing you have designed a grand outcome
or you can step on the stage
and become “one” with the drama
of all the players….
always your choice…
in truth…this is all you are ever doing..
watching the perfect dance of love playing
out as the “world”
that already has the perfect outcome
or stepping into the play
and taking on all of the drama…
you see it is that “choice”
that creates what you will experience…
there-in lies your true Power…
so…my precious hearts..’this day
i ask that you go within and fill
yourself with the pink ray of unconditional
love of what is…
feel it expanding out into all of creation..
fill yourself and the “world” with
the pink ray ………….
Using the pink ray fill yourself and feel
yourself filling with such a love..
such a feeling of peace…
glorious shades and hues of the
pink ray filling each and every heart
for in truth
there is only the One Heart…
it is the ray of unconditional love
and it is the god within you
extending itself into creation
giving a grand statement to the universe..
allow it to extend as far as your
imagination will allow…
know that this very act
will lift and touch all involved
~out of chaos comes creation~
the old ways must dissolve for the
new to enter…
so hold all in your heart
and send loving thoughts
to all involved…beginning with yourself…
you are very powerful creators
and to create
is to “choose with love”….
allow me to say that one more time..
to Create is to “choose with Love”
allow your love to be like a symphony
that simply flows thru you
unimpeded…seeing all events as neutral
and giving thanks
for what is unfolding…
new birth is always preceded
by a period of “labor..”  intensity
if you resist the “labor”
it lasts much longer..
yet if you breathe with it and allow it
you give it permission to bring forth
a new and precious life…
does this make sense to you…..????
You are the song..
each of you are playing your own note..
Yet you are the One Song….
~each note is still one with the song~
When enough notes are singing
the song of love..the frequency
of the pink ray of uncondtional love
that is an extension of the mystery
that surrounds each and every now
united together thru intention
the “whole is lifted into the symphony”
in a beautiful dance of harmony…
allow your love to flow
as the symphony…
unimpeded by anything
you think you see…
this is how you heal the world
precious hearts..
you are not separate from the world..
in is all arising “within you”…
embrace it with your unconditional love
and go about your day…
for you are so dearly loved
hold peace in your hearts
and extend a smile to all this day..
i am with you always…
~the voice of love~
blended with denisa…a co-creation
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live channeling sessions with denisa and jeshua

Some of you who recently joined the blog may have missed this invitation

from jeshua to join us in live conference call channelings..

i am going to be starting a conference call session where you can just

dial in and we will have a live channeling and then afterwards

you will be able to ask questions and get to know other

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we will probably be starting this after the 1st of August…

as always…i greet you all with the deepest extension of my heart…









Take a moment and allow your awareness to


~feel~ the space this message is arising from


and to allow yourself to truly ~feel~


the love you are..




simply to feel it…




close your eyes just this moment


and breathe in the heart love


that is within..surrounding and


embedded within this message


and KNOW that this has come


from within you…


this moment right here and now


has arisen from within Your Holy Mind


and You have called it to yourself…




so…now that you are in a space of the heart


allowing your True Self to be


open to the possibility of what this “call”


being sent out from the One


is about for you…just for you!!!




Jeshua has asked me to start a conference call session


where we will blend together and bring you


deeper into the truth of the heart…


how it is to live from that space


and what appears to remove us from it..


jeshua refers to this state as what


is “blocking the view”


the one Reality of Love’s presence


that we have overshadowed by


our beliefs that are unlike love…




for it is from our beliefs that WE


create our own experience…




we are Creators…Grand Creators


of experience…




true co-creation … creating as Love Itself..




these are the words he has asked of me


to ask of you…




~how deeply~


how deeply and Truly do you value


knowing what Real Love is


versus the unreal love


you have believed to be true???




how deeply………..      are you ~willing~


to “give up the world you think you see”




for me




for if you are willing


I will lead the way…


all that is needed is a choice


for it and a “pinch” of willingness..




be at peace and ~know~ this day


you are deeply….deeply loved


and you are always and in all-ways


~safe~ within the heart of love…




your brother and your friend…




Jeshua Ben Joseph




blending with denisa……..~the voice of love ~


there will be much that you would call


~unseen~ coming thru her voice


as we come together and bring


~heaven to earth~




so….i am going to ask that any of you who may be interested


in ~en-joining~ with us please send me an email



i am getting ready to start this soon and will send


you more information as i receive it..


what i do know is that these will be powerful


sessions and that after the channeling you will


be able to ask questions.. share with others..


meet new friends of the heart…and together


we will share the love and extend it ..


Jeshua is a masterful teacher and i have no doubt


that this will be a very wonderful experience for


all of us………access to these conference calls


will be as simple as dialing a number


and wo-la……you will be a part…




with love…
























Heaven…my sweet One


is not a place..


it  izzzzzzzzzzz  a “state of being”




when you hear the wind chimes play their


melody of song….


a ~feeling~ of heaven…




when you look at the smiling faces


within the most beautiful of sunflowers…




~a feeling of heaven..~




music that lifts your soul..




~a feeling of heaven~




my beautiful one…


heaven is a feeling chosen by you




within each and every arising..




in these days there will be much


you can put your attention on


that will not bring you a feeling


of heaven…




~you will choose~




you are the creator in every now moment..


you will choose..




is this not like choosing heaven or hell???


love or trust???




you are the chooser my dear precious heart…




know that all that “appears” to be hell


i s  Heaven  ~ on its way~




you allow what is not of Truth to die


so that Love Itself can replace it all


with   ~sun-flowers~          




so…bless what is falling away


and go play…




please go and play…frolic…dance


and bless it all…




does that not “feel” like heaven???




remember…it is your choice..




with oh so much love and peace


we bring forth this message that touches


the truth of Your Soul for it remembers


that these words are true…




~the voice of love ~






a channeling taken from  the hard cover


version of The Bridge to Home


available on my website


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blessings to us all…denisa




i hear these words…..~remember—I am with you always!!!




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~ letting go of the wounded child ~
Greetings holy child …
one child of the One Light…
one ray of the Only Ray…
i come this day to scoop you up into my
arms of love and ask of you to feel into
the thoughts and the frequencies that accompany
this message of light..of love…
You Are Loved..
I have never left you..
I have been waiting for Your Welcome!!!!
go within this day and open your heart
and welcome  my loving presence..
You will feel me on a much deeper level
than before …
you see………a part of my essence is always with you
however…….you cannot possibly feel the “TOTALITY of 
the love that I AM until you
 “welcome me in” …
the love is growing precious hearts..
the essence of the frequency of love
is waiting for you to welcome it..
it is surrounding you and it awaits the
magical one who holds the sparkler
that ignites it into action…
~YOU ~
i would ask this day
to bring your wounded little one
back home to my loving arms..
You see…for eons…he/she
has been “taking on” all of your
wounds and pain..
I know that many of you think you
are complete with this wounded one
but allow me to say that this one
keeps herself/himself very hidden….
very deep within
Can you imagine the service this one
has given to love…???
That little wounded one has been your
protector….and why…
because you believed you had something
or someone to be protected from….!!!!!
so this lovely one is YOUR creation…
You are perfect divine light
and in truth have no need
any longer for an aspect of yourself
to “take on”
what in truth is not there…
how do you “take it on”???
the moment you judge what you see..
the moment you are in fear..
the moment you believe someone
can hurt or harm or de-value
that which you are…
then…you activate the little wounded child…
as you bring that little one home to me
by opening your heart…
welcoming me in to that space
the wounded one will know he/she is now safe forever
and that the game of “suffering”
is over…
~~it is for you to Release this one ~~
You Are Loved…You are Love
You are loveable forever…
You are the Christed one
right here on earth…
when you release this wounded child
who in truth is your “pain body”
and bring that little one
home to my loving arms..
~you have set Yourself Free~
Now..each day
you will remember that she
is safe and that in truth
I am that part of you
that is the Grand Mother…
this is where he/she abides now..
as you release the wounded one
you help your beautiful mother earth
to release her wounds…
yes…it is all One dear heart..
you are doing this        ~ to-gether ~
These words i speak this day
are not to be taken lightly for
you are in a very special and long awaited
time upon your earth..
You are the Love..
You are the Masters who have been pretending
to be something other than that..
believing you were separate from this
grand love…
you may say to me..
i know i am not separate from love…
allow me to say that anytime
you take on the role of the wounded one
you are separate from love..
any moment you feel anyone or anything
can change who and what you truly are
~you lose love~
it is not that it is gone…it is that you
stepped out of the heart
and moved your focus into unreality…
so..this day
welcome me into the heart
and bring this one home to me
I will set the little one free!!!!!!!!
~when she is free…….You are free~
unlimited forever….you are walking
love….radiating that which love is
into al of creation…
all else has simply been a chimera..
in truth….this world has no real value
it is absolutely neutral..
except……EXCEPT for the Love
……the Value that YOU
bring to it..
how could an unreal dream have value..??
you can be the bringer of the Real
to that which is unreal….
 even within the dream
all is enveloped in the arms of love
and all is a spark of that one grand love..
all of it is “waiting on your welcome”…..!!!!!!
i hold you all so deeply within the shared heart..
I AM that part of you that is the truth of YOU..
allow it to be so for you…
~the voice of love ~
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i abide within the silence..
it is my true home..
that silence is what is known to be
.all that is..pure knowledge..
i abide within that…i am a co creator with the silence..
this is conscious creation…
it is where i abide……..and it is in truth where you abide NOW…
it is that part of YOU that is descending within you
as you release each part of you
 that has believed you were something
other than what you are…
thus what you are not ascends into that which you ARE..
we will be reminding you of how you create with the silence….
as one with it…………..but first..the above must be digested fully…
visit me there within the silence often..
it is from this “place”
the One True Heart of Love
that all of creation springs forth..
you true home…
~we are the Voice of Love ~
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                                                                                   2 angels

jeshua enters my awareness
with a message for those who are
currently experiencing sadness..
for you see…as many of you already know
~all is well~
and yet at times…even though you know
that this is the perfect tapestry of love
still a sadness creeps in…things are changing
rapidly…relationships are changing..often times
suddenly…nothing is feeling like it can be
“held onto” any more…
precious hearts………that is because…in this
your New Now these is no more “holding onto”
there is only allowing what is..loving what is
and being love..creating with love
versus creating your own version
of love…
anything that is a need or a false love
will be “up for review”..
in other words…any area where you are
truly not loving your Self…the Self
that Is YOU…
this is for those dear ones..
This is i…your beloved jeshua…
you must release the sadness
that many of you are feeling
as you let go of so much in your lives
that truly is only a temporary moment..
allow and release any sadness that comes
up in any moment..
it is simply all unlike love that you have
created from beliefs you have held deep within
such as a lack of self worth…a need to be loved.
from outside of yourself..
a need to project your fears onto others..
your deep yearning to remember the union
of Love and love…Sun and sun..
as one Explosive union…
You see…your sadness is an effect of
your belief that you and all are separate
from love…….you believe it is about what is
going on outside of you…
yet it is simply ancient wounds rising to the
surface asking for your embrace..your love
it is all about what is going on within you…
it is not that you do not see the innocence of
these arisings ….for deep within you see…
to ~see ~       which is to ~feel with~
 the True Heart
that all are innocent…
these moments bring you gifts so
that you may release deep ancient
wounds…..thank these angels who bring
these gifts….always be in gratitude for
what is arising..
you are doing fine..
you are embracing what they are showing
you is deep within and you are changing
your mind to live as your True Self..
your Authentic Self…that which extends love..
so…… some “forms” fall away in these
moments……….allow the sadness because
they are simply effects of past creations
that need to leave your auric field..
allow the release so that you can be a clear
field of pure love…
as you allow the flow….the release..
you do this for the Whole..
Your True Self is arising
and as it does all that is residue
of only one thing…fear
is being pushed up so that it can
dissolve …be set free………
setting your Self free precious hearts..
from where we “see”
you are “lighting” the world..
oh…precious hearts….know this to be true..
do not wonder any more…stand in your knowingness
that what you are doing is miraculous…
the love we feel for each and everyone of you
could be felt if you closed your eyes
and saw us on our knees washing your feet…
caressing your ankles……..gazing into your eyes
with gratitude and deep pure admiration…
i believe your word “adornment”
would ~ sum it up~…
trust in yourself…love yourself deeply as
i love you…
your beloved brother…

Heaven is but a thought away


Heaven is but a “thought” away…
precious…precious friends…
as always…it is with great joy we step
forth from the silence and enter there-in…
with you…
if you could but “feel” into the peace-filled
moment that this creation…this picture brings
forth within you…
allowing that to be so for you
i would like you to feel these words..
in this New will be of great value
for you to feel what you are seeing …reading..
hearing from your “inner heart”…
i would even dare to say that you might try
to listen to a beautiful song and feel it
thru your ears………and hear it through your heart..
i suggest you give this a try….yes…i know
it is the opposite of what you have often done..
but if you will but try it………you will “feel” the whole
of the creation…”the one song”….as One Experience…
then…if you really wish to experience the beauty you are..
allow the music…the tone..the expansion thru the ears
and the heart to be as if your beloved Self
was bringing it forth just for you and filling every
cell of your being with the purest of Love and Light..
Since You are the Creator of Your Experience
I would suggest to you that this would be quite
a lovely experience to gift yourself with…!!
Grand Indeed…
that being said..we have a very simple message
for you this day…
why is heaven a “thought” away???
is that not a grand question…???
it is really quite simple…
~because you Are Heaven ~
that is the thought….it is also very much a belief
to be remembered and to be acknowledged
deeply and wholly within your Self…
Right where you are…right now..
Heaven is within you …and with each choice for love…
each choice for peace
that heaven you see in the picture above
is now within YOU….and it expands
with each acknowledgement that YOU ARE
the Creator of it…………..
each and every loving thought
expands that heaven within you
and Lifts The Whole of Creation..
why is this so??
because the Whole of Creation
IS within You…
if this be so….and believe me…I know it is…
then each choice for peace…each choice for graciousness..
each choice for loving thoughts
expands this within all………….
Have you been wondering where your true power
exists………and how to use this power…????
simply said…..OWN  IT !!
Precious hearts…Since you Are Heaven
it would be very wise to  ~ be heaven ~
we…the voice of Love
simply come along and remind you..
we assist you in removing all of the beliefs
you have held about yourself that do
not reflect the True You
so that you can Be the Master You Already Are…
much to ponder here and if put into practice
much will be revealed…
as you walk upon your precious Mother this day
remember that you are one …You are her heaven
and she is yours……… one………together…
with that…………….oh grand ones you are
we bid you adieu….
We are a circle of Heavenly Light
that spring forth from the Divine Mind
and gently touch your soul with a reminder
we simply are adding a little fertilizer to your
garden of remembrance……….
~ The Voice of Love~
feel free to share these wherever you are so guided…
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with the world……………allow the peace you already are
to be your feet this day…………….

Love is eternally neutral

Waterford Siren Red Heart Paperweight - Special!

dear heart…
for you are all One Heart
appearing to be “many”….
as always….i come forth…we come forth
from a space of great joy…
for it is joy to share that which is the
truth with you…
when you forgive anything
whether it be person…place or thing…
you bring it “home” to its true state…
you bring that “event” to a neutral  state…
which in truth it already Is..
an event is any person…place or thing
that is arising in your Now Moment…
it is only your perception of what
you think you see
that is in need of your forgiveness…
your embracement……….your  allowance..
your presence…
my reason for sharing this with you.
is because
love has no “agenda”
but to be that which it Is…
Love Simply Loves….
so when you extend forgiveness to anything
it is returned to its true state
~within you~
and You are All of IT…
so…precious hearts
you are always forgiving your self…!!!
~there is nothing outside of you~
all arises from within your holy mind…
if you would but take this in deeply…
much will be revealed to you..
may peace be your only goal..
the peace of god that you already are
and have simply “forgotten” for a “moment”
in time..
and what is time for???
and what is that process???
to come to Know the Peace Of God
is who You Are..
with that we bid you adieu…
we are a circle of heavenly light
coming forth from the One Divine Mind
…..jeshua blends with denisa as do we all
as we as one bring forth these truths…
~we are The Voice of Love ~
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~ the mystery if god’s presence


The Mystery of Gods Presence…
god is…
therefore..god is a mystery…
an ever unfolding mystery of the that which
~alone~                     is real…
allowing that mystery to be known within
ever more deeply .. .as there still appear to
be levels where you find yourself to be..
yet……………no matter where you find yourself
to be in any dimension of creation…you are eternally
expanding in your bliss of what that mystery of love
truly IS…
that must speak of eternity…
….i am “pointing”  
to that which is beyond your current level of understanding
yet if you would but “realize” that the “knowing of what love is”
is an eternal mystery and a grand venture…
it cannot be taught precious ones…it can
~ Only Be Known~
what can be taught is that which
allows it to be revealed !!!!!!!
that dear hearts…… your journey..
It is your Only True Purpose…
for as you come to know what alone is real
you will remember that you are that very love!!!
here…or wherever you find yourself to be
radiating that which abba is
into all of creation….Yes…take this in..
This is Who You Are…..
to experience this mystery one must come
to know surrender…
surrender allows the mystery to ~reveal~ itself to us
~Surrender is that which allows
~love to revealed and Known ~
it allows god to be “experienced~ even whilst you abide yet
in time…..
mystery and symbol go hand in hand whilst you
abide in time…
~for your world is nothing more
than symbol~
it is always your choice as you choose within
each arising to ask yourself this question..
am i choosing the voice of fear or am i choosing
the voice of love……….know that which ever choice you make
what you have chosen will be your experience..
Yes…this is how powerful  you Truly are….!!!
surrender to the ever flowing love of the mystery
of what is…………..god…abba !!!!
the key to knowing that which god is
would be to retrain the mind
to ~love unconditionally~
see only innocence in all things and always desire
that which is of the highest good of all…
why are these so important???
Everything you ~see~ is You..the depths of love and
innocence you can see and feel in another’s soul
is that very same Self that you are..
thus…when you only acknowledge that which is real
within another you       ~claim it for yourself~
the deeper your love yourself unconditionally…just as you are
you will recognize that very same love in another..
I often say ~you are all one~ and if you perceive this
thru your earthly thought you will only see separation..
but if you recognize that Mind…That Divine Mind
The Christ Mind
that is within All of Creation
and choose to perceive from that state of grace
ahhhhhhhhhhh…..then you will experience
only that which is real…Heaven on Earth.. is a thought away..
a perception away…
and you and you alone choose your perception.
for what You Choose to perceive
You will experience…
does this make sense to you???
Surrender to the innocence and the mystery
of creation and then you will witness miracles…
not always will they be of this world but within
the symbols that the gift of grace descends upon you
that “point to home” eternally…
for each and every one of you
those symbols will be unique…they will
be as unique as each of you are a unique
ray of the One Love that breathes you…
If heaven is but a choice in perception
that must mean that it is Your Free Will
to either perceive that which alone is real
or that which is a shadow formed from a temporary
thought …………………….. that thought being
I  do not abide within that One Mind
Right Where I Am…Right Now…
I am separate from the truth of me………..!!!
as always….i bring you “gifts” that if you
would be willing to take deep within
and allow them to digest and thus
be experienced…………more will be revealed!!!
this…precious friends is truly your choice…
you can read these words and feel their warmth
and love..and simply go about your day
or you can choose to know that these words
come directly from your soul and it  is your soul nudging you
in a new direction………
so that the warmth and love that
surround and seep thru these words
will be that which you radiate wherever you
find yourself to be………..because you will Know you are
that which we point to…….
with that …we bid you adieu…
as always…it is with great joy that we extend
the truth of that which you are
in any way that we can find….thru any “body”
that is willing to “have ears to hear”….
The Voice of Love…A Circle of Light
that extends itself from the One Divine Mind
whose primary voice is that Of Jeshua Ben Joseph…
your donations
help me to continue my passion…which is to share
these truths with the world…..