~ the mystery if god’s presence


The Mystery of Gods Presence…
god is…
therefore..god is a mystery…
an ever unfolding mystery of the that which
~alone~                     is real…
allowing that mystery to be known within
ever more deeply .. .as there still appear to
be levels where you find yourself to be..
yet……………no matter where you find yourself
to be in any dimension of creation…you are eternally
expanding in your bliss of what that mystery of love
truly IS…
that must speak of eternity…
….i am “pointing”  
to that which is beyond your current level of understanding
yet if you would but “realize” that the “knowing of what love is”
is an eternal mystery and a grand venture…
it cannot be taught precious ones…it can
~ Only Be Known~
what can be taught is that which
allows it to be revealed !!!!!!!
that dear hearts……..is your journey..
It is your Only True Purpose…
for as you come to know what alone is real
you will remember that you are that very love!!!
here…or wherever you find yourself to be
radiating that which abba is
into all of creation….Yes…take this in..
This is Who You Are…..
to experience this mystery one must come
to know surrender…
surrender allows the mystery to ~reveal~ itself to us
~Surrender is that which allows
~love to revealed and Known ~
it allows god to be “experienced~ even whilst you abide yet
in time…..
mystery and symbol go hand in hand whilst you
abide in time…
~for your world is nothing more
than symbol~
it is always your choice as you choose within
each arising to ask yourself this question..
am i choosing the voice of fear or am i choosing
the voice of love……….know that which ever choice you make
what you have chosen will be your experience..
Yes…this is how powerful  you Truly are….!!!
surrender to the ever flowing love of the mystery
of what is…………..god…abba !!!!
the key to knowing that which god is
would be to retrain the mind
to ~love unconditionally~
see only innocence in all things and always desire
that which is of the highest good of all…
why are these so important???
Everything you ~see~ is You..the depths of love and
innocence you can see and feel in another’s soul
is that very same Self that you are..
thus…when you only acknowledge that which is real
within another you       ~claim it for yourself~
the deeper your love yourself unconditionally…just as you are
you will recognize that very same love in another..
I often say ~you are all one~ and if you perceive this
thru your earthly thought you will only see separation..
but if you recognize that Mind…That Divine Mind
The Christ Mind
that is within All of Creation
and choose to perceive from that state of grace
ahhhhhhhhhhh…..then you will experience
only that which is real…Heaven on Earth..
Yes..it is a thought away..
a perception away…
and you and you alone choose your perception.
for what You Choose to perceive
You will experience…
does this make sense to you???
Surrender to the innocence and the mystery
of creation and then you will witness miracles…
not always will they be of this world but within
the symbols that the gift of grace descends upon you
that “point to home” eternally…
for each and every one of you
those symbols will be unique…they will
be as unique as each of you are a unique
ray of the One Love that breathes you…
If heaven is but a choice in perception
that must mean that it is Your Free Will
to either perceive that which alone is real
or that which is a shadow formed from a temporary
thought …………………….. that thought being
I  do not abide within that One Mind
Right Where I Am…Right Now…
I am separate from the truth of me………..!!!
as always….i bring you “gifts” that if you
would be willing to take deep within
and allow them to digest and thus
be experienced…………more will be revealed!!!
this…precious friends is truly your choice…
you can read these words and feel their warmth
and love..and simply go about your day
or you can choose to know that these words
come directly from your soul and it  is your soul nudging you
in a new direction………
so that the warmth and love that
surround and seep thru these words
will be that which you radiate wherever you
find yourself to be………..because you will Know you are
that which we point to…….
with that …we bid you adieu…
as always…it is with great joy that we extend
the truth of that which you are
in any way that we can find….thru any “body”
that is willing to “have ears to hear”….
The Voice of Love…A Circle of Light
that extends itself from the One Divine Mind
whose primary voice is that Of Jeshua Ben Joseph…
your donations
help me to continue my passion…which is to share
these truths with the world…..

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