i abide within the silence..
it is my true home..
that silence is what is known to be god..abba..love.
.all that is..pure knowledge..
i abide within that…i am a co creator with the silence..
this is conscious creation…
it is where i abide……..and it is in truth where you abide NOW…
it is that part of YOU that is descending within you
as you release each part of you
 that has believed you were something
other than what you are…
thus what you are not ascends into that which you ARE..
we will be reminding you of how you create with the silence….
as one with it…………..but first..the above must be digested fully…
visit me there within the silence often..
it is from this “place”
the One True Heart of Love
that all of creation springs forth..
you true home…
~we are the Voice of Love ~
if you would deisre to be added to this list simply
feel free to pass these along as you feel guided
keeping them in their original content…
blessings…donations are always appreciated..





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