Heaven…my sweet One


is not a place..


it  izzzzzzzzzzz  a “state of being”




when you hear the wind chimes play their


melody of song….


a ~feeling~ of heaven…




when you look at the smiling faces


within the most beautiful of sunflowers…




~a feeling of heaven..~




music that lifts your soul..




~a feeling of heaven~




my beautiful one…


heaven is a feeling chosen by you




within each and every arising..




in these days there will be much


you can put your attention on


that will not bring you a feeling


of heaven…




~you will choose~




you are the creator in every now moment..


you will choose..




is this not like choosing heaven or hell???


love or trust???




you are the chooser my dear precious heart…




know that all that “appears” to be hell


i s  Heaven  ~ on its way~




you allow what is not of Truth to die


so that Love Itself can replace it all


with   ~sun-flowers~          




so…bless what is falling away


and go play…




please go and play…frolic…dance


and bless it all…




does that not “feel” like heaven???




remember…it is your choice..




with oh so much love and peace


we bring forth this message that touches


the truth of Your Soul for it remembers


that these words are true…




~the voice of love ~






a channeling taken from  the hard cover


version of The Bridge to Home


available on my website


if you would be interested in a session with


the voice of love as are all  of us are


very much in some challenging energies


feel free to email me at deniseanew@aol.com


or visit my website at www.thebridgetohome.com


and you can read more about it there..


if you would like to continue to receive these


messages you will need to go the site


and hit the subscribe button…it is free.


feel free to pass these along as you are so guided…


blessings to us all…denisa




i hear these words…..~remember—I am with you always!!!




and donations are always so very much appreciated!!





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