Take a moment and allow your awareness to


~feel~ the space this message is arising from


and to allow yourself to truly ~feel~


the love you are..




simply to feel it…




close your eyes just this moment


and breathe in the heart love


that is within..surrounding and


embedded within this message


and KNOW that this has come


from within you…


this moment right here and now


has arisen from within Your Holy Mind


and You have called it to yourself…




so…now that you are in a space of the heart


allowing your True Self to be


open to the possibility of what this “call”


being sent out from the One


is about for you…just for you!!!




Jeshua has asked me to start a conference call session


where we will blend together and bring you


deeper into the truth of the heart…


how it is to live from that space


and what appears to remove us from it..


jeshua refers to this state as what


is “blocking the view”


the one Reality of Love’s presence


that we have overshadowed by


our beliefs that are unlike love…




for it is from our beliefs that WE


create our own experience…




we are Creators…Grand Creators


of experience…




true co-creation …..love creating as Love Itself..




these are the words he has asked of me


to ask of you…




~how deeply~


how deeply and Truly do you value


knowing what Real Love is


versus the unreal love


you have believed to be true???




how deeply………..      are you ~willing~


to “give up the world you think you see”




for me




for if you are willing


I will lead the way…


all that is needed is a choice


for it and a “pinch” of willingness..




be at peace and ~know~ this day


you are deeply….deeply loved


and you are always and in all-ways


~safe~ within the heart of love…




your brother and your friend…




Jeshua Ben Joseph




blending with denisa……..~the voice of love ~


there will be much that you would call


~unseen~ coming thru her voice


as we come together and bring


~heaven to earth~




so….i am going to ask that any of you who may be interested


in ~en-joining~ with us please send me an email



i am getting ready to start this soon and will send


you more information as i receive it..


what i do know is that these will be powerful


sessions and that after the channeling you will


be able to ask questions.. share with others..


meet new friends of the heart…and together


we will share the love and extend it ..


Jeshua is a masterful teacher and i have no doubt


that this will be a very wonderful experience for


all of us………access to these conference calls


will be as simple as dialing a number


and wo-la……you will be a part…




with love…














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