live channeling sessions with denisa and jeshua

Some of you who recently joined the blog may have missed this invitation

from jeshua to join us in live conference call channelings..

i am going to be starting a conference call session where you can just

dial in and we will have a live channeling and then afterwards

you will be able to ask questions and get to know other

friends of the heart….if you are interested send me an email at and i will add you to the list..

we will probably be starting this after the 1st of August…

as always…i greet you all with the deepest extension of my heart…




Posted on July 28, 2011, in Daily Posts. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Kathy Wiedenhoeft

    This is Kathy from Florida. I am so excited to be able to communicate with Jesuha. His wisdom and love is what the world needs now. Thank you for sharing your amazing gifts with us.

  2. it is my deepest desire to extend perfect love..
    it is a “privelage”….denisa

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