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~ being the eye of the storm ~

dear hearts of my heart…
the grandest gift
you can give
to all this day is
~be the eye of the
the eye is the
center of peace…
it only emanates
waves of peace
and love into
whatever is arising…
this is ~who you
so…let us all
together as One be the
One Eye of the
let us be the
peace and abide
thus we emanate
that which is real
into that which is
with love and
please pass this
on to others…
for if enough of
us hold this truth
we shift the

channeling for tonight postponed

dear one’s

tonights channeling has been postponed..

i will be in touch as to when it will be rescheduled…

remember to be the peace…..for you the peace….


~ live channeling ~ thru denisa….friday 8/26/11







we are going to be
doing a live channeling this
Friday night…8/26/11  at 4:00p.m. California time…
this will be a
free conference call…


i am told we are
going thru a gateway
and that this
message will be of great value
for  us…


I am being asked
to share the following message..


Dear  One’s…
you have entered a
bit of a chaotic node..
i have given thru
denisa a meditation
that moves you
into the feeling.
the reality of
your true “home”
the space of
~peace~ within
where all creation
springs forth from…
once again…we
would suggest that
you listen.. if you can
to this recording
before the live
being as one with
this “center” of peace
will be where you will choose to abide
as we begin to
enter the portals of the New Earth…


i would ask of you
to listen to the free meditation
sometime before
the channeling…
we will be
speaking to you as to how
to manifest and “live” from your
true I AM  presence….~without reistance~
from within the ~flow~


your life will be more like
a “gliding” in
versus something
that you are “doing”….


the title of the
channeling for Friday
evening is..


around the


Mastering the
Illusion…living as love…


some of the tools you have used in
the “past’ are
changing…we will
address this and
many other topics…
know this….~all
of creation springs forth
from this “space” we are asking you to
~enter~ within






~ your new world
is one of resonance~
there is no
separation in this “space”
only you….as
your I AM presence
and the field of
love i call abba
that is
eternally in love with you…


~take this
in…dear one’s~
to listen to the
free meditation that we would
suggest you listen
to before Friday nights channeling…
and the call is free….
access code


this is the access
to the prerecorded meditation…
this is not the channeling we are
sharing on Friday..
on Friday Night….8/26/11
the number to call
in to hear the live channeling
access code


then you will
enter the live channeling…


if you enter late
please do not speak until after
the channeling is
over…we will be opening
up for questions
(as many as you like)
after the channeling….


this channeling
will be recorded so if you
miss it you will be able to have access to
it the next day…


if you have any
questions you can email me


i look forward to
this gathering..





also…if you are
interested in a session
with denisa i am
here now to guide others
into the art of manifestation
as your I am presence….


~truly living as


email me at


i do offer these free to those who
would feel they
could not contribute…


with love…bless
us all…we are the love…denisa

~ it is time…dear heart of the one divine..~




~it is time….dear one heart of the divine~



~precious  lights
of the divine radiant~





i bring you a message today unlike any other


i have sent thru
this my beloved denisa…


the palms precious


contain within them the heart of the divine..



you often see me
with open palms..


within each palm i
carry within my heart


the whole of
mother earth and all upon her..



i open my palms to
receive the grace that


the ONE would
bestow upon me


that i may bring
my love to every now





the symbol of the
“blood” is liken to the


finest of
wines…the elixir divine..


when you extend
love into each and every


arising moment
with out one thought


except to be that
One Light that knows itself


as the vessel for
the divine


to extend itself
thru and transform this world..



then…you have
found your true purpose…



i would ask of you
as you awaken each morn


to lift the palms
to the Grand I AM..


as that the light
within them radiate


into all that you
greet that day..


as you bring the
palms back down


to your lap…open
them once again


and place the
whole of mother earth


within each



now…you are the
“lover” of the world..


Now…within each
and every moment


you think only the
most loving of thoughts


and know that as
each thought moves


thru the divine
heart of your palms


unconditional love
is being expanded…


expanded…….further and further


into all …….as
the ALL….



this is who you
are Now….



in the upcoming
days many of you will be “asked”


by love to open
the palms and bless


all that you
see…all that you think..


all that you



many of you have
been well prepared for


such a task
… know that only love


is what is real
and YOU are the Vessel of the divine


extended into this
“reality” in this now moment…



Make each now
moment a “sacrament” to love..


witnessing what is
arising within you and


you…bringing loves
perfect peace


to all


connect to your
Grand Self through your breath


and breathe in the


and breathe out
the peace of that which IS….



i have given
denisa a meditation that you can


use as a tool on a
daily basis


to bring you to
that place of true


the ocean itself…



use it as a tool
to dive ever more deeply


into the core of
your true self…



Simply Be Who You



and you are that



blessings and
oh…… the one heart we share


is spilling over
with gratitude


for those of you
who walk our beloved


mother earth at
this wonderful and most


golden of



with oh so much



jeshua ben



I AM the





if you would like
to receive these messages you can do so at



simply hit the
subscribe button…for those of you


who would enjoy
listening to the tape….mentioned above


that brings you to
the inner ocean of peace you can


listen to it at my
website….go to audio visual and


look for recording
5…..~being the peace~


i connect with all
hearts in this moment


and send you
unconditional love ….denisa

free channeling ~entering the space of peace~




~abiding within
your center of peace ~



i am sending once
again a beautiful message
from the Voice of
Love…a free meditation
into the space of
peace within…
this is to be
experienced…….so be sure you lay down and
are in a place of
allowance…allowing whatever arises
within you to flow
as you abide within this peace-filled
reality which is
the truth of who you are…


to listen for free
follow these instructions…
(dialing in is
free )
access code
pin #
recording #




it is an honor to
share this with all of you….
for those of you
who feel you would like to
contribute…to be
a part of making more of
these type of
recordings available to “all”
you can go to my
website and make a donation
or you can email
me at
If you are
interested in a “living within the heart”
session with
denisa you can contact me at the
above email
address…these sessions help to clear
the heart of all
blockages to loves presence
and allow you to
connect ever more deeply with
your own voice of
love within…



for those of you
who are interested in my next


free conference
call and  live channeling with jeshua


and the lineage i
will let you know soon when that





may peace fill you
this day…denisa.




Dear Precious Hearts

i have posted a beautiful channeling on the site ..

jeshua and mother earth bring us a beautiful message

it is available for free to listen to..however i would ask

for those who can and who found value for themselves

from this message to please make a donation to the site

so i can continue to send out the messages to the world…

go to the audio visual section and you can relax and listen..

you will want to be in a quiet place so you can “take within”

the frequencies and love that is coming thru this channeling..


comments are always appreciated…

here is one commentDenisa,

As I have just finished listening with all my heart & soul I
am in a state of a feeling of “floating”…NO  words come to describe it…It
was done again! Mother Earth..Oh my God….have to absorb the incredible truths
that I was reminded of once again…

jeshua channeling

hello everyone…


so we had our first conference call channeling with Jeshua  on Wednesday

night and it went really well….i have had such beautiful responses

and i am so humbled and grateful..

jeshua and myself will be doing another free conference call channeling

this sunday August 7th at 4:00 p.m. California time…

this call is useable for skype users in most countries…

come join with us and enjoy…if you would like to hear the last channel

call this number and you can access it for free and do be sure you

give yourself around 45 minutes to be in a relaxed place where you

can lay down and allow the energies to fill you…

at the end of the channel there is a period of questions and answers

that were great… don’t hang up after the channel if you would

like to also hear that part…

949-812-4509…..access code 315677#         recording #1

if you are thinking of attending send me an email at            blessings…denisa

to call in to the conference call  on Sunday night at 4:00 p.m. California time

dial 949-812-4500  access code 315677#

if you enter after we have begun please do not talk until the channeling session

is over…we will then open up for questions and sharings…come and

join many friends of the heart as jeshua loves to call us…..denisa





~you have arrived ~

greetings unto you…beloved….lover of the beloved..
beloved of the lover…this is who you are!!!!
You find yourselves this day to be in a “new” world…
you can feel that you are “somewhere” different
even though many of you are waking up in the
same bed you were in a few weeks ago..
yes…..and then there are many of you who recently
were “moved” in a physical way and you find yourself
in this new space and feel very strange…unsure of
where you may find yourself to be…
others of you are planning on a move….
You are all the One moving into the Realization
that you have arrived…
your “new space” is right where you are
and has nothing to do with where
you are “going”…
it is You.. in all of your glory…all of your
beauty…All this new space is
~is contained within you~
Each of you have arrived into a space
that is holding a higher and much more expanded
version of your Self and this new space
also comes with a new set of navigational tools..
much like many of your new cars that have all these
new buttons you can push and things just appear…
such as  that which you call your GPS??  
yes..i believe that is it……
… just tell it where you want to go
and it tells you how to get there…the GPS is right where you are
yet you wouldn’t know it was there unless  first you
“knew” it was there and secondly you pushed
the button and do i get from here to there????
what would be the quickest and best way
for me to get where i am desiring to go…
“to be”?
I think you would use the word analogy…yes??
So… you now have access to the most high tech
GPS system that is upgraded and it is within you…
You are learning that there are “magical tools”
within this new GPS and you are simply remembering
that all the buttons you push are answering the same
question and have the same destination
and the way there is simply by pushing the button
that says………. ~ how can i serve love in this moment ~
now…the heart will have a feeling that will
guide you there immediately…
this sweet one’s is your navigational tool
~being one with the One Heart~
yet it takes a commitment…that commitment
is to ~know you are already there~
Yes.. precious ones
you are flowing in it and as it..
You are surrounded by “all of  You”
and all of you is in service to love…
You have arrived within the
Heart … never left
but you “believed” you did and learned to
navigate in what appeared to be an unsafe world…
So…i come today to let you know that
all of your directions….all of your desires..
all of your perception
is now only to be focused on one thought
How can i serve love in this moment…
for as i do……i will be the ~first~
to receive it..!!!!!!!!!
how could that be anything other
than the truth when
~all is Me~ and i am All  !!
it will come as a flow….and you will flow
with the flow….
you will notice when you are out of the flow
and simply go back to your GPS and push
the reset button….that button will place
you back in the flow…remember that the
button is labeled…..
how can i serve love in this moment…???
All is given to the one that  ~ Allows ~ love
to Live as Itself…
it is a dance…a song…
and it is a most wondrous melody
where you are as one with each beat…
~ you become as love’s breath ~
so…today is a message of hope…a message
that allows you to soften and relax and know
that all  you may be experiencing now
is part of this upgrade in your system
and that if you will but allow it to download
by just moving with it each now
it will empty you of self
and “fill you” with that which you truly are…
The True Self you Are…
Love’s conduit………….loves awareness…
loves lover…………the beloved of the mystery…
and your en-joy-ment comes
from allowing it to live you..
as you…….
the love you truly are is so grand …so expansive
that there are not earthly words to describe..
there is only the knowing-ness of this truth
for each of you as you become one
with the “feeling” and experience
of what you are…
so…love…laugh …play
choose joy…
truly those choices bring
forth true abundance…
not the falsity you have
placed over what true abundance
really is….
allow these words and the frequencies
within and thru them to relax
your being and know
that all is well….
jeshua and denisa
a co-creation
if you would desire to be added to this email list simply
service and you can  just hit the subscribe button..
if you would desire a “living within the heart”
session with denisa you can email her at
there are many miracles happening thru this
feel free to pass these on wherever you feel so guided.
i acknowledge the light you are……denisa