jeshua channeling

hello everyone…


so we had our first conference call channeling with Jeshua  on Wednesday

night and it went really well….i have had such beautiful responses

and i am so humbled and grateful..

jeshua and myself will be doing another free conference call channeling

this sunday August 7th at 4:00 p.m. California time…

this call is useable for skype users in most countries…

come join with us and enjoy…if you would like to hear the last channel

call this number and you can access it for free and do be sure you

give yourself around 45 minutes to be in a relaxed place where you

can lay down and allow the energies to fill you…

at the end of the channel there is a period of questions and answers

that were great… don’t hang up after the channel if you would

like to also hear that part…

949-812-4509…..access code 315677#         recording #1

if you are thinking of attending send me an email at            blessings…denisa

to call in to the conference call  on Sunday night at 4:00 p.m. California time

dial 949-812-4500  access code 315677#

if you enter after we have begun please do not talk until the channeling session

is over…we will then open up for questions and sharings…come and

join many friends of the heart as jeshua loves to call us…..denisa






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