free channeling ~entering the space of peace~




~abiding within
your center of peace ~



i am sending once
again a beautiful message
from the Voice of
Love…a free meditation
into the space of
peace within…
this is to be
experienced…….so be sure you lay down and
are in a place of
allowance…allowing whatever arises
within you to flow
as you abide within this peace-filled
reality which is
the truth of who you are…


to listen for free
follow these instructions…
(dialing in is
free )
access code
pin #
recording #




it is an honor to
share this with all of you….
for those of you
who feel you would like to
contribute…to be
a part of making more of
these type of
recordings available to “all”
you can go to my
website and make a donation
or you can email
me at
If you are
interested in a “living within the heart”
session with
denisa you can contact me at the
above email
address…these sessions help to clear
the heart of all
blockages to loves presence
and allow you to
connect ever more deeply with
your own voice of
love within…



for those of you
who are interested in my next


free conference
call and  live channeling with jeshua


and the lineage i
will let you know soon when that





may peace fill you
this day…denisa.




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