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~stepping into your True Self ~

~Stepping into
your True Self~
within each
arising moment
there is a
‘conscious choice”
to be
re-connect with your Divine Self
and allow that love to flow thru you
as you…
I and my Father
are One
is a very powerful
in that choice to
~be that one~
the floodgates of
the heart
open and the
radiance of abba’s
love can flow thru
and hold “others”
in that love in
such a way that
love itself
can awaken that
this is the very
power that exists within you
yet one must come
to dissolve the little self
so that this river
of grace can flow thru
you unimpeded….without the restriction
of the doubts and
fears of the false self
that has become
for many the master…
the number one
attribute of a true Master
the discovery that fear has blocked
the heart of its “home” within you
opens up the inner eye to the real world
that abides within you …
as you meet each arising fear
within the “presence of love”
it literally dissolves around you….
why would this be so….
oh…dear one’s…
you are the light
that lights this world…
who else could it
you are the one
who is “here”…
now…to take on my cloak is to
walk in this knowingness
and to share it with the world
by ~being it~…
notice dear one’s
i said
“being it”…
if you would but step forward into your
Christed Shoes that have always
had your name on them…if you would begin
your day by knowing they are yours
and assuming complete responsibility
to be that love …oh…precious hearts…miracles…joy
will be your now….
this day….allow
all feelings to arise within you
and notice …..simply observe when you
find yourself in judgment or fear of
~what is~…
there….make a new choice…!!!!!
choose love….if
you need to…choose it
over and over
each time…within
your heart state out loud..
I and My
Father are One…
I am the
Light that Lights this world…
i bring my Fathers
love thru me
to all within me
that arises unlike that love itself…
is the Power to
Transform All Things…
me well and shout it to the sky…
thru me
lives the very power
transform all things~
when i feel fear….i will choose to love it…
when i judge…i ill love myself and choose again…
when i feel alone…i will choose to enter the
sanctuary of the heart where i will fill
myself with the Love I am…
for dear
ones…there is only One here…
and each one is
it is for you to
love ~all of you~ that brings
you to the “space”
where i abide…
~all of you
includes that which arises
I know the beauty
of who you are
for i know that my
father brought you forth…
and i know the
radiance and perfection
of the fathers
~what the
father brings forth
can only
be a mirror of itself~…
so the discovery of each of you
that are on the path to true
Self- is to remember to
love as god loves….
how does the
Father love dear one…
it is for you to
connect with that Divine Love
within any moment
and then..
~move with
that love….breathe with that love…
be the
servant of that love~..
in these times you
find yourself to be in
this practice of choosing to unite with the Fathers Love
before each decision….each choice…
to fill yourself  with that love before you enter the day
or enter into any relationship
will allow you to be fully present within each now…
breathe that in
deeply….take it in so deep
that it can hardly
be contained and the spill out
of its truth
will touch all that you see…all that you do….
this…i assure you to be true…
with deep love…..and deep gratitude…..
I am seeing
amazing miracles happen in my healing sessions
of the
heart…..often times one session is shifting many from
fear to
love………..this is done thru me…i am simply the vehicle
and it is truly a
blessing to behold..if you are interested in a session
with me you can go
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~preparing for the shift~



Preparing for the Shift  ….jeshua thru judith….


i am sending this along to all of the beautiful hearts
 on my email list..
this is a channeling that Judith of Oakbridge
has shared with us and i am feeling the desire to pass this along as i
feel it is very important and brings to us all a very wonderful
 “new set of  glasses” to look thru as we enter and are within the shift of the ages…


I found for myself that the way jeshua uses the word “expect” many
times is to help us to move deeper into a state of KNOWING that miracles
are the “norm” and everything else has been of duality…
so to expect “love” is to receive love… expect love..miracles
is to live from our original true state….
This is how i feel into these words that she has so kindly shared with
the world and so i felt that i would send this along….


the link at the top will get you to her writing…Preparing for the Shift”
or you can go directly to her website at


remember always that all is well..with love…denisa


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feel free to pass this message wherever you feel so guided….that is
living within the heart….with love….

~knowing~ you are the very power of love itself….

it is with great joy that i bring this message forward today…

what would it be like…feel like…taste like….to KNOW that you are

the very power of love…and by the “being” of it you have the very power

withhin  you to “shift” your own universe….your own personal experience

of the Love you are and are One with???

what would that be like for you…????

as i have diligently practiced the way of the heart for many years and “put into action”

the teachings that Jeshua has so lovingly and graciously and often patiently brought thru me

it is time for me to assist others into thii “space” of heaven….wholeness…where you come

to realize that you are the vehicle thru which love heals all things….if allowed…if desired…

and it does mean letting go of all last traces of the self…the little self…..what i would

call the seeeker……….you know that one…the seeker….that must come to be undone

so that one can “rest in the soul” of abba…all that is…….right here…right now…

it is the seeker that desires to keep you in  a state of constant seeking so that you will

believe that what you are … “outside of you” …

Now we are stepping into a new reality where by “being” that very power of love

we awaken others simply by “being present” with them….

it is thru a constant state of allowance that love reveals itself to us…

so..i am going to begin a “class” of living within the heart…we will use the dharmas

that Jehsua has lovingly shared thru me that will bring you into a state of union

with Self ……and You will experience this truth for yourself…

These dharmas are here for us to use as a tool to dive deeper within and discover

the gem that awaits there…..

this is the true power of co creation…..where we come to discover that love itself

breathes as us……..moves as us thru us if we so desire…………

i will be starting these classes by conference call….beginning Tuesday October 4th

at 5:00 p.m. pacific time…this first class will be for 8 weeks….we will meet once

to go over the dharma we are digesting and then meet one other evening during

the week to come together and share our experiences…in other words..

you will be with others of like mind and be able to share and ask questions and dive

deeper into hearing and “being” the voice of love that has brought forth this

wonderful moment for us to share……

if you are interested please send me an email at

the conference calls are recorded so you will be able to re listen and download

them if you so desire….i am very excited to know that now is the time for this

ACCELERATED journey to be shared with you…

blessings and love…denisa

this sundays channeling..birthing christed consciousness

hello dear ones…


wanted to remind you of this Sundays Channeling….

Birthing Christed Consciousness…

We will be taken to the deepest level…core level of what blocks

the “knowingness” of the union of our True Self and its union

with Abba…all that is…..

“this journey within the kingdom will remind us that

we never truly left this one heart that birthed us …

it will allow us to remember ~ we are the heart~  that birthed us

and that we are the very power of love on earth”…

as always…Jeshua brings to us the tools to have the “experience” of this

for ourselves….we cannot KNOW what we do not experience for ourselves…

we can “believe” it….but that is not the same as ~experiencing~ that which you

truly are…

the channeling is this Sunday the 18th at 11:11 a.m. pacific time…

if you are interested and have not already signed up you can

go to my website ……this channeling will be a cost of $10.00 and you can

simply go to and hit the donation button.

then  i will email you the conference call number and the access code..

the conference call is free from anywhere in the world and you

can also use skype…blessings in these magical times..denisa

~ come within ~

OH… can you feel me
within you
can you feel me
for your
can you hear me
gently within your
that it is time to
come home
to our union as
dissolve into me
precious one..
simply let go and fall
in love
with me..
i am
I am The Divinity of
that holds you in my
within every moment
throughout eternity…
be as an empty
come to me in your
and allow me to fill
with my love for
for as you allow me to
“fill you”
all are
it is time..precious
~the voice of love

~ Birthing Christed Consciousness ~

~ Birthing Christed Consciousness ~

precious hearts….you are the flowers within

the consciousness of humanity at this time..

there is great love on this side of the veil

for all of you are here to bring the

Compassion of the Christ to this world…

you are here to

    “hold the space for love to enter within

this reality”

What is that “state” of being that bursts forth

the most beautiful of flowers within the

garden of the One Mind???


your earthly idea of compassion will be seen

thru the eye of the heart as you make the choice

to heal yourself of any and all beliefs

that you could or have ever been guilty…

it is your belief that you can be something

other than what you are that causes

your pain and suffering…

for many of you.. as you experience pain and suffering it is

becoming more “obvious ”  that you must  

come now to an even deeper remembrance

on your journey of what you are really here for

and what it truly means to

~love as god loves~

to love as god loves is to make the choice

to be the “presence ” of love

and to want nothing…to desire nothing…

to need nothing….your only desire is to

greet each arising moment as the Christ you are..

God …..abba….all that is

 right where you find  YOURSELF  to be…

you are an extension of  that One

sitting in your little earth body

right here on planet earth…and we here many

of you asking….seeking…..looking

for your ~purpose~…..

what else could your purpose possibly be

other than to be that which you are….!!!!!!

there is only one purpose for you

precious hearts…oh…i know the things

of the world are a grand dis-traction from that which is real…

.you keep looking

~out there~ somewhere for what you would

call your purpose…

~you will not find it there~

yes…we know that you have ~heard~ these

words many times…yet…now in this new space

you find yourself to be in…..which in truth

is just a deeper version of who you really are…

now in this moment it is beginning to feel and

look different for you….

you are beginning to see for yourself

that it is YOU who is creating your experience

and that your deepest desire is to extend

the love of god that abides within you as you…

to experience that grand perfect love moving

thru your vehicle and observing the dance of

miracles as that very love heals the world

thru you…!!!!!!

to do this precious hearts

you must come to heal the original “thought”

that brought this dream into what you would call

~reality~…allow me to say this is not reality…at least

not yet….

it is for you to come to realize

that YOU are that reality…

one with it and in truth

and hear me well….in truth..

~never left it~ !!!!!

to be as I AM is to see all things thru

the eyes of the compassionate Christ…

to be right where you are in any moment

and be so filled with love of Self

that it radiates thru you….as you…bringing

all of creation into a “remembrance” of

what alone is real….

allow me to say it is a ded-i-cation…

it is to be dedicated to remembering

that you are who you are…free of the

guilt that has bound you to this plane for eons..

now…i hear many of you right now as you are

reading these words (and that should tell you

something about your ideas of time)

yes….i already know whose eyes will see

these words and i already here some of you

questioning …well…jeshua…i am not guilty..

i know i am not guilty…..i have healed this

long ago…..

look again precious hearts…

the minute you react to anything or anyone

you are in ~guilt~…

you cannot possibly transmit the love

within you

when you see yourself as someone or something


than what is around you in any moment…

and so precious hearts…denisa and i will be doing

a channeling this coming Sunday..September 16th

at  11:11 a.m. pacific standard time….

this will be done on the free conference call line

the information will be listed below…

Oh…dear one’s…

you are coming so close now to “being”

that which you are…..

as you dive into the sacrament of deep

self love of Yourself…

filling yourself with the radiance and elixir

of the light of the Divine Self..

i know that many of you are feeling “blocked”

as you are moving deeper into the true heart

for everything still unlike the love you are

is coming up for you to be “seen”..

to be loved by You…

all beliefs outside of love must be healed

within you so that Divine Love

can flow thru freely and touch the furthest of stars…

this is who YOU ARE…

see it as good my precious friends when

you meet these walls within you…for love

will dissolve them and ~expand the view~

in our channeling together we will come

together as brother …sister…as One..

we will share together what it truly means

to dive deep into the heart and pull out all

of the roots of guilt within….

you see dear one’s… you are never alone…

so…until we meet together in this way

of the group meeting

please remember that all you need do

is knock on the door within and

ask of me …….

dear Jeshua….

how can i love each and every part

of me as you love me??????

ahhhhhhhhh….a grand question indeed…

the grandest of questions…

i promise you that if you ask the question

you will “experience” the answer…

the whole of creation will come to show you

where you are blocking your love of your self…

with that…as always….we surround you in

love…light and great respect for your  willingness

to be here now..

with that …we bid you adieu….

the channeling this Sunday the 18th will be at

11:11 am pacific time…

if you would like to join this channeling

please go to my website at

there will be a 10.00 donation….(ten dollars)

and once i receive that i will pass on to you

the conference call information….skype does

work for these channeling’s…if you need to pay

by check or cash you can send me an email and i

will  send you my mailing address…

it will also be recorded and for those of you attending

the channeling who wish to access the recording

i will be sure to give you that information…

if you would like to join my email list so that you

can receive the channeled writings and online

recordings you can subscribe for free on the website….

i have a grand feeling about this meeting together…

i look forward to being with all of you in

the place of the heart….with love…denisa

~the choice to teach only love~

A beautiful channeling jeshua brough us today…

what does it truly mean to make the ~choice to teach only love~

what is to live as that………to allow love to heal creation thru you

to be the vehicle thru which love extends itself…

simply go to my website at

click on the audio visual tab…

go to the first recording dated 9/5/11

the choice to teach only love…

enjoy…with love…denisa

chrysanthemums of graciousness…





It is with great joy that we
come forth this day to speak to you of
this topic…..




To know


~one must be



To be grace one must come to
master a state of ~graciousness~


Feel how your heart feels
when you even hear the word



Allow yourself to feel into
the feelings that arise from ~within~
your senses…


When  you feel the feeling of
graciousness..they will arise from

a place deep within you…


Your “outer” senses will not
take you to this place…

this state of oneness with

your creator..


We have stated many times
that what you perceive is what you will experience..


It is within you to “choose”
what you will perceive

Yes…the earthly eyes may show
you one thing…


but the singular
eye sees

Only itself…that which is

.it acknowledges

Only that presence….thus
forgiving what it thinks it sees

choosing again with love..

Thus experiencing the gift of


For itself…



Your kingdom dear
one’s is within…!!

It is for you to create your
own inner kingdom
And use  what
to be outside of you

As your training


It is for you to use time
wisely be practicing


Perceiving only that “light”
within each and every now arising..



This must speak to you of

To be present and choose

Is to be heaven on


Today…dear one’s a short


Yet if you would hear me it
is of

Great importance for you


Greet the day with


Forgiving all that you think
you see


Perceiving only the real


For as you retrain your mind
~see only love~

~the real world reveals
itself to you~



To “think” with the

Will only bring you the
experiences o
f the unreal


It is for you to

Heaven on earth by growing
its garden
Within You!!

Look into the beautiful
mirror of your being w
ithin the flower

feel into the depth of

That depth is your connection
to the

one True


the core of the


all of the petals that appear to birth
forth f
rom that

Are mirroring the beauty of
the core o
f the flower
itself…radiating all of the truth
Power within the core


this is in truth where you


within and ~as~ the


~graciousness~   creates the most
beautiful o
f flowers in your own inner


And dear

Your inner garden is all that
is real f


~a state of graciousness is
living a
s the core of that  one true


With that…we bless


 we honor the
willingness y
ou all carry within your



~the voice of



Jeshua and denisa…a



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