~the choice to teach only love~

A beautiful channeling jeshua brough us today…

what does it truly mean to make the ~choice to teach only love~

what is to live as that………to allow love to heal creation thru you

to be the vehicle thru which love extends itself…

simply go to my website at www.thebridgetohome.com

click on the audio visual tab…

go to the first recording dated 9/5/11

the choice to teach only love…

enjoy…with love…denisa


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  1. Kathy Wiedenhoeft

    From the first time I read my first experience with your work with Jeshua I was just vibrating inside. I felt the effect of unconditional love within myself. I called and had a session with the channelings of Jeshua and my whole life shifted in moments. The words had so much truth and beauty in them, I could feel it into my soul. Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with you and Jeshua. You are a gift to the world. I look forward to our next session together. Kathy Wiedenhoeft

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