~knowing~ you are the very power of love itself….

it is with great joy that i bring this message forward today…

what would it be like…feel like…taste like….to KNOW that you are

the very power of love…and by the “being” of it you have the very power

withhin  you to “shift” your own universe….your own personal experience

of the Love you are and are One with???

what would that be like for you…????

as i have diligently practiced the way of the heart for many years and “put into action”

the teachings that Jeshua has so lovingly and graciously and often patiently brought thru me

it is time for me to assist others into thii “space” of heaven….wholeness…where you come

to realize that you are the vehicle thru which love heals all things….if allowed…if desired…

and it does mean letting go of all last traces of the self…the little self…..what i would

call the seeeker……….you know that one…the seeker….that must come to be undone

so that one can “rest in the soul” of abba…all that is…….right here…right now…

it is the seeker that desires to keep you in  a state of constant seeking so that you will

believe that what you are …..is “outside of you” …

Now we are stepping into a new reality where by “being” that very power of love

we awaken others simply by “being present” with them….

it is thru a constant state of allowance that love reveals itself to us…

so..i am going to begin a “class” of living within the heart…we will use the dharmas

that Jehsua has lovingly shared thru me that will bring you into a state of union

with Self ……and You will experience this truth for yourself…

These dharmas are here for us to use as a tool to dive deeper within and discover

the gem that awaits there…..

this is the true power of co creation…..where we come to discover that love itself

breathes as us……..moves as us thru us if we so desire…………

i will be starting these classes by conference call….beginning Tuesday October 4th

at 5:00 p.m. pacific time…this first class will be for 8 weeks….we will meet once

to go over the dharma we are digesting and then meet one other evening during

the week to come together and share our experiences…in other words..

you will be with others of like mind and be able to share and ask questions and dive

deeper into hearing and “being” the voice of love that has brought forth this

wonderful moment for us to share……

if you are interested please send me an email at deniseanew@aol.com

the conference calls are recorded so you will be able to re listen and download

them if you so desire….i am very excited to know that now is the time for this

ACCELERATED journey to be shared with you…

blessings and love…denisa


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