~preparing for the shift~



Preparing for the Shift  ….jeshua thru judith….


i am sending this along to all of the beautiful hearts
 on my email list..
this is a channeling that Judith of Oakbridge
has shared with us and i am feeling the desire to pass this along as i
feel it is very important and brings to us all a very wonderful
 “new set of  glasses” to look thru as we enter and are within the shift of the ages…


I found for myself that the way jeshua uses the word “expect” many
times is to help us to move deeper into a state of KNOWING that miracles
are the “norm” and everything else has been of duality…
so to expect “love” is to receive love…..to expect love..miracles
is to live from our original true state….
This is how i feel into these words that she has so kindly shared with
the world and so i felt that i would send this along….


the link at the top will get you to her writing…Preparing for the Shift”
or you can go directly to her website at www.oakbridge.org


remember always that all is well..with love…denisa


if you would desire to subscribe to my blog you can go to
feel free to pass this message wherever you feel so guided….that is
living within the heart….with love….

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