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~unconditonal love channeling….11-11-11





blessings to all of you whose eyes
are viewing these words and to all
whose eyes will view this in any
one of their New Nows…
dear one’s..
  you have entered a entered a gateway
where you must leave the ways of the “mind”
and the matrix we have been playing in
it is “allow me to say” dissolving
in order to live and experience that
which we are most desiring which is to live
as the love we truly are we must now leave
the mind “behind” and live as and  from within
the One True Heart…
the deisre is to experience
our lives from a deep heart felt
experience that can only be known
as we live within the heart center of unconditional love…
.this is the love our beloved Jeshua came to bring to
this earth and it is
a space of living within each breath
as loves sacred moment…


we are being
“breathed” by that which god is…
you do not breathe
dear ones’
love breathes you
and that breath is a sacred
breath that if
used within each now
sees…speaks and see’s
only loves sacred moment…
each now moment is an opportunity to
extend that which is of love as
you are guided by your Self t
o do so…
it takes great mastery to be so humble to admit
that we do not know what anything is for…
yet…there is a “love” that does…


to come to that spaciousness within
in a state of
unknowingness….humility…. to ask of Love
“what is the highest will love would desire
to extend in this moment
is the true walk
of the servant of love…
as more and more of us continue to live
and breathe from this space
we connect as “circles of light”…
each circle touching another circle
and when enough circles meet and touch
we will lift the whole….
this 11-11-11 is a very important gateway
that will activate our heart centers
and allow us to each have our own
divine meeting with Self…
if you would desire to join me at 5:00 pacific time
on this Friday night…..11-11-11
we will join together on a free conference call
and fill ourselves with this ray of pink unconditional love..


there will be many
unseen’s with us who will
bring to each and
everyone of us a knowingness
of the power of
Love of Self….


as we extend the pink ray of unconditional love
to all       WE will be
the first to receive it…
since there is only that which YOU are
here….would it not make sense to you
that you would then be the
first to receive it????
you will be filled with an elixir of divine
sweetness that
will carry you into the
true remembrance
of that which you Truly Are..
i would request a 10.00 dollar donation for
all who would like to attend that you can
donate at my website at


for those who would like to attend and do not
have the means at this time please feel free
to email me at
and love will ask
of you to give of your heart 
in another way…


i look forward to
this momentous occasion…
it will be an
honor to facilitate this with
the “Circle of  Light”
that will be bringing
this forth for all
of us….


the free conference call line is 949-812-4500
access code is
looking forward to
being together….





Self Love is the key that opens all the doors
my brothers and sisters of the heart…
unconditional love of Self….!!!!!!


Leaving behind the world of beliefs in guilt and shame
thus remembering the
Divine Love you  are!!!
expanding that
very love into all of creation…
it is an honor and it is the way of the servant