~your wholly days~

~Your    ~Wholly~    Days~
the flame of love is being “re-ceived
within all upon your beautiful planet each
and every day…
this flame of Christed Consciousness…
that which speaks to your “highest mind”
your Fullest Self…
that mind that abides within the
heart of God
as a spark of god
is who you are….!!!
Love in its purest form
is being re-ignited within all hearts
thru this ~holy~ time…
it is a symbol of your wholeness…
your whole self being remembered
within your heart again ….
You are the Christ…You are the Love..
allow yourself to gently rest in that truth..
breathe it….walk it…talk it…become it..
bask in it……allow it to be felt within you
for it is from the within that you will
experience it ~without~…
It  ~  Is   ~     who you are…!!!..
Holidays are simply that…and yet
within this holy season there is a
grand miracle birthing upon the shores
of time…
Love is spreading …
yes…Love is being ignited within
the divine flame of each and all…
This flame of love is your power
to create..to create your reality
from your knowingness that only
that which is of love is real
and to receive that truth for yourself…
There is a wave….a wave….liken it to
a tsunami
of christed love that is washing upon your
shores of time…
bathe in it….receive it….and share it…
this holiday
as you give the gifts and share good cheer
celebrate above all things the love within you
that is your deepest desire to share with others
thru the gifting’s…thru the touch…thru the hugs..
yes…even thru the drama…even within the drama..
simply shine your love..
simply be who you are..!!!
you are the “presence of love”
you are the Christ-mas   ~Present~
be in good cheer  for love is bathing
your world now in ways never before
known in the history of your beloved planet…
You dear one’s have chosen for it
and So It Is…!!!!!!
~the Voice of Love ~
please feel free to share these wherever
you feel so guided….have a beautiful
holiday…love yourself…

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