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HEARING WITH THE HEART ~tomorrow, Jan.25th on station:1 @5pst


The Voice of Love….~ the bridge to home ~


we have arrived in a very new space…
from this new space we must discover what
it is to truly live from within the heart
and allow the mind that served us in the past
to become only that which serves love..
the small self..the ego….now becomes what it
truly was meant to be…that which only serves
the Voice of Love…
a few years ago i was given a set of 18 dharma’s
(dharma’s are practices that bring direct experience)
that are all of the frequency of the heart..
each one…if practiced …will take you to the realization
that you truly are the creator of your Reality
and Love is the Power that fuels this new reality…
however…this is not the love of the old world
with all of its conditions and beliefs…
this is the world of unconditional love…
this is the world of letting go of all unlike love
within us and choosing for that which alone
is real….
the love that our Source would desire to extend
thru us…
i have been teaching and receiving much from a wonderful
group of students and together we have come to
see the power of these dharma’s…the shifts
i have witnessed with my students and within myself
have been nothing short of miraculous…
Love does this thru me….i am simply the vehicle
thru which the shifts of the heart within others
is allowed….
at the bottom of this message i will give you
a couple of comments from my students…
what used to take years thru such teachings
as the Way of Mastery …the Course in Miracles
and many others are now in a very small
but powerful book…..that contains the teachings
that are here for this our New NOW….
to abide in this New Year we will discover that we must
abide within the frequencies of the heart…
come join with me and discover the truth..
discover what it truly is to abide within
the frequencies of the heart..
that only Love is Real…that we are all that Love..
and that power to transcend all things is within us now…
we transcend separation and move into the heart
of oneness where separation simply cannot exist…
all is seen as serving only one thing…
The ato-one-ment of all things…
we let go of the thought…the belief of
you and me….we now see all as “me”/”you”
and choose for love for the highest good of all…
the only question will be…
“how can i serve love in this moment” ????
so…come and join with me..i am offering a class
where we will share in the dharma’s together…
i often do recordings and send them along..
i work with each of you as needed….i only will
have a total of 5 in the class so that i can give
each of you all of the attention you need…we will
meet once a week for 8 weeks on a free conference
call line so that we can all share together..
the classes are also recorded….
i have so enjoyed working with each class
and to see the shifts within each and all is truly
a gift…my deepest passion..
the class will be 88.00 and is due before
the classes begin…
if you are interested simply email me at
i am also available for private sessions …these are for anyone
who is going thru any kind of a transition…you can email me
at the same address….
often jeshua will come thru with a channeling for
the class along with the Circle of Light…
here are some comments on the class…
I just want you to know you are doing great great things for me. I am so happy that I have chosen this. I am so happy that I am finally allowing it all – able to receive. I am so happy that our paths have crossed for surely God gifted you to me … and to us all of course. But I am telling you of my gratitude.
Don’t ever question what you are doing or whether it has value. There are things you don’t see happening over here, but I tell you miracles are all about. The other night I had an experience of transmutation that was so powerful, swift and undeniable. Chills literally ran from the tips of my toes up through the crown of my head in 3 seconds flat and not a little twinkling either – like whoosh! Forcefully. I was pinned to my bed and couldn’t move that’s how powerful it was. And I have been different ever since. When they said tonight – I can’t remember the exact words – you will not be walking on the same ground, but on pure love – I know this is so.
I know I’ve told you this before however, you have helped me so much! I’ve been searching for years (as have many others). I was part of a group developed by Richard Presser called Cheribum Angels for Rejuvenation. I was receiving hundreds of emails daily but was really not feeling as though I was getting anywhere.
Denisa tell everyone that even though this is hard. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid. What is shown to you can not harm you. It is there for you to bring love to it. Looking at it can only bring you love. I found it Denisa. I found the God within me. I swear to you the choirs of angels are singing right now and I can hear the applause. The whole of creation is rejoicing with me.
I love you for the light you shine… Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Anyway, I thank you from the very depths of my heart. And I have friends who know I am in your class and they can see changes in me and they are asking what it is like and how you teach. I hope they will want to be a part of this too and go further into their journeys and learn from Jeshua … and you … and all of us as one. All of this just fills me so….


The Voice of Love..

Dharma One ~ Allowance

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