~new channeling~ Blue Ray of Ascension~

~ The Blue Ray of Ascension..~
hello and greetings to all of my brothers and sisters
of the heart….
i hope this message finds you at peace
within your being…
For those of you who participated in the Easter Message
from the Christ Council there was a downloading of
frequencies that are and will continue to be preparing
you for total alignment with your Divine Self…
The Council has brought me a message that we
will be doing another recording on the importance
now of vigilance and  discipline as we enter
this next phase of the ascension of all that is….
it will be of great value for you to be able
to have this new recording as it will assist
you to integrate the flux and flow of the
energies that are now encapsulating your
very being….you will receive it  before the new moon…
April 21st…..as with the last recording…you will want
to be in a sacred space and allow yourself to
digest and take in what is being offered…
that is why the channeling’s are recorded….the frequencies
are more suitable when taken in alone….
if you would like to receive this recording
simply send me an email at deniseanew@aol.com
the donation is 9.99 and you can go to my
and simply hit the donation button..
i will send you the recording as soon as
it is complete…
be at peace and know you are deeply loved…
if you did not receive the Easter Christ Council channeling
or would like to receive it simply send me an email.   For those of you
who did not partake in that message it allowed the divinity codes
of Christed Consciousness to be downloaded into your
being…..all unlike it is up for review…
so…you would want to receive that one first before
receiving the Vigilance recording….
blessings and love…denisa

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