What ~ truly~ is a miracle…

thebridgetohomebookcoverJeshua allows us to “come home”

to the truth of who we are in this beautiful book..

i hear…

it is time dear one..

many are ready now to truly step on the bridge

and leave the old world behind …

thus…truly…Stepping into their true Selves..

What is a True Miracle….?? !!!

how do i create the experience

of witnessing the Miracle of Love’s Presence

as has been given to you by many of the mystics

who have graced this planet..

what does ~love has no opinions…it simply loves~

have to do with experiencing my True Self??

come and join with me this Tuesday at 10 AM pacific time!!!!

Jeshua..The Elders and denisa will guide you

into a deeper experience and KNOWINGNESS

of what the ~world~ would call a miracle

vs. what The Elders will be allowing us to fully experience..


in other words…if you have a question in regards

to the topic we will be sharing

 feel  free to email me at deniseanew@aol.com

many of them will be answered..


there will be a space for all of you to receive

pure divine healing light..

we will also give to you a better “grasp” as

to what True Healing is…

for it is of the heart dear one’s

this session will be on a free conference call line…

come join with ~us~


a donation of  9.99 is requested..

after receiving…(you can donate on my site)

i will email you the call in information…

the old number has changed…



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  1. Denisa, This looks and sound delightful and wondrous. You are constantly moving into who you truly are with every step you take and with every gift you share. Thanks for sharing your heart with me this day. Love and Light and Laughter, J AN

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