~ Love is in the Air..


~Greetings my Beloveds..~

Come join with Denisa and Jeshua for a first

of a kind gathering of the heart…

Jeshua and I together as conscious servants of love

will be having a gathering on my free conference call line…

The Topic will be the Year Ahead….2014, and what

this magical year is all about….

We will also be taking questions …they can be emailed to me ahead

of time at deniseanew@aol.com… Jeshua is very excited to extend

this invitation to you for questions and he desires for all to know

that your question will be the perfect question and to not doubt

if you feel yourself pullled to this gathering…for the energies of Love

are palable and he comes to all of us now with such an open heart

filled with nothing more than the desire to touch your soul

and calm your being……..the love felt thru him is often overwhelming..

indeed…i feel it now as the words flow thru my fingers…light pinks

are dancing behind the very letters on the page….this call

will be “filled” with unconditonal love and energies

of home…………and YOU are that home dear one’s…yes..indeed…

This live event will be this Saturday…December 7th  at 10:00 AM PACIFIC TIME…

The exchange of giftings for this event is $ 11.00  U.S.

you can simply hit the donate button on my site here

or you can email me at the above email and i will

send you my address…as i receive your giftings i will immediately

send you the free conference line number and of course

you will all receive a recording of this live event..

Please be sure to get your questions to me by this Friday morning…

I am hoping to be able to answer all questions that are brought

to us…..

Looking forward to the love we will share this Saturday..

together as one may we shine like the brilliant diamond gems

we all are…eternally..

i send you all my deepest love…



The call in line is free and i will be recording this event

so if you would desire a copy of the recording versus

joining us live . please send an email and i will make

sure you do get a copy of the recording…


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  1. Beloved Denisa and Jeshua blessings and love. My name is Mary and my beloved as Alan and together we travelled the world since 1993 and we called ourselves the reminders Reminding our heart family of our Divinity and our blessed Divine power. I recieved guide acne last week to begin a blogspot or webpage and I simply love your creation. I have put out for a beloved to create one like yours it is very colourful and beautiful and I have constantly spoken of the rainbow bridge to home and that is what led me to reconnect We have had webpage for about 12 years and a blogs spot for about 3 Beloveds do you feel your person would create one for us. Love and blessings all ways maryandalan Maral. PeLoHa is

    • to all the dear one’s who visit the site of Jeshua and Denisa…
      i have received a request to have someone create a blogspot for this beautiful
      couple who share in bringing Pure Love to many….
      i do not know how to create a blog similiar to this one..
      if anyone of you could assist Mary her email is Maryearle7@gmail.com
      she wants something similar to this site….please let me know if you are able
      to assit….deniseanew@aol.com

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