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~ Unrequited Love~ join us in this sacred space of the heart…

Unrequited Love~
dear one’s…
it has been a few days since we gathered for our
usual “download” of lite and harmonizing of our
Lite being Knowledge…
Harmonizing being essential for bringing
online all that our Love Bodies will be receiving
in order to activate and process our new divine
blue print…..
many find themselves to be in the beginning
or middle stages of this very process.
so…the body is going to be giving us signs and information
coming as “downloads” or encoding’s and those show up
in many ways…as you are reading these words there is a resonance
that is of a very sacred and pure nature…
therefore as you read this you will be “transferring” much
of this resonance within your being…
yes…all is divinely planned…
you will know you have reached a full resonance with
this  if you are “drawn” to these words…feelings
and flow…for there is a wave of love that washes each
and everyone who re-ceives these messages from her..
whether they come thru writings …recordings or simply a smile…
the receiver is never the same…
as it was and is for see….
So..for those of you whom are reading these words
in whatever “now” you have come upon…
we are here to share with you a bit about
one of the Sacred Technologies of the Heart..
that being   ~ Unrequited Love~…
It is a love unbounded by any thought
other than Itself…
knowing Itself to be that very Freedom
that Love..God..Abba IS….
It simply Loves…
it has no needs…no wants and
other than to be what
you are very much in this process right now…
discovering where you may be still choosing
something other than unrequited love out of
the old patterning …..
choosing again for Unrequited Love will
be the “engine” that is required to power
the miracles you will be bringing as you
allow yourselves to become even “More Responsible”
with the Power of Love that is now dwelling within…
…this will continue for a few more months
of your least the integration of the encoding’s
and the changes and upgrades to your physical body
will be implemented and procedural moments of
new Life will be felt by each of you…..
So…this Sunday…July 6 at 10:00 am pacific
feel free to join with us in a Sacred Space
the purpose of this space will be to integrate..
upgrade and descend Harmony into your
earth vessels and all of your energy systems…
Harmony is very much what is required
…along with freedom from the pain body..
to totally activate and balance your
New Earth Suits……
Your Christ ed Radiant Selves.
Shining bright for all to see
the new radiant “sun” you have
each birthed from within…
 that now is “given to the world”………….
freely and without hesitation….
Know this as you walk about your next of days..
I AM The Magdalene, I AM a mirror of you
come again as once promised to remind you
of the bliss and joy that Unrequited Love
flows first to you…………..and then to all….
It is a Power-filled Love…
I am feeling such a deep presence of Love as i write these words..
It feels unbounded by anything … Life flows  ~ AS IT~
giving only Itself away…knowing what it Gives
It Surely Receives..
 Unrequited Love will open the doorway to “heaven”
they tell me…………
all that is required is its remembrance
and assertion into the very fabric of your
total beingness……….
so..this Sunday…July 6th. join with us in this sacred space
of the high heart for a wonderful blending of the
Christ Council..The Magdalene as The Voice for
all of us..for truly we are ~as they are~if interested it will be held at
10:00 am pacific time…it is free to call in….just send an
email directly to and i will give
you all the call in information…Skype may also be used
so you can call in from out of the U.S……
Donation of 22.00 is asked…….that can be given
simply use the donation key at the bottom right
of the front page…..blessings from our heart…xoxo