~ discernment is key~


~ Discernment is key….~

Dear One’s….

I come forth this day to bring a simple yet power-filled message from ~on high~

You already ARE all that you seek…

Your own ~ Voice of Love~ will  be Heard……the more often you go within

and  ~CLAIM~  it as Your Own…..

Avoid the “distraction” of seeking outside of yourSelf…..

One thought outside of love will take you out of your Center…

those thoughts that include any and all judgment, guilt, fear…..self doubt….

To Live As the Heart of Love  is to Think ~with~ the Divine

The Divine within you knows only one purpose…

That Purpose being…..oh…a sweet soft voice steps forward and says..

I LOVE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i look upon all things with the eyes of Love..

thus…i experience Only Love…

so…my sweet one’s…remember this…the deeper you dive

the more of ME you become…..eternally …






Posted on September 10, 2014, in Daily Posts. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Another awesome, beautiful message pulled from the nest. You are claiming it indeed.

    Love and Light,

    J AN

  2. Can you see what I see?? I centered it for you!!

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