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Denisa…change of email….


Greetings my beloved brothers and sisters..

as with most things…change is again on the horizon…

i will begin soon to create a new  website…..

it will be for those who know they are on a very sacred

journey in this lifetime….that many of us either have or

are about to “ascend” whilst still in a body….this new love

body we are creating with love…well…much will be revealed…

I work with others as Yeshua and the Magdalena inspire me

blend with me., and assist us on this profound journey

of the hearts deepest desire….to embody God/Godess and

create with our most beautiful I AM presence….

for now though..this website will remain…however…


i do understand that we each are unique as to where

we are resonating within this change….and one must

discern and focus on that which “fills the cup”….

my love…denisa




Denisa/The Big Let go…





Healing Sessions With Denisa

Healing Sessions With Denisa

Now is the time….i hear this week…”the trumpet call” has been blown…Those of us who realize what this means for each of us will hold its own unique feeling…Yeshua tapped me this morning…Dear One..It is time now for you to devote your gift of our union to help many others as the divine love moves thru you from the realms of the resonance of purity…

pure love “of all things” is your new tool for creation…

Many now would benefit from the sessions we do as a circle ofdivine lite…Many are epxperiencing changes in their lives and some of them may “seem ” to be overwhelming…I, your Beloved Yeshua and my many friends are at this moment allowing the love behind these words and thru them to touch the deepest part of your soul…we are cracking the seed within …..for it IS THE TIME…..

WHETHER IT be past wounds, fear of change, or simply desiring some unconditional love , a soothe space to abide within is this space of purity we bring to you know…

Please read “healing sessions” with Denisa….

it is on the front page of my website…

the digesting of what is being offered will just begin to start the engine within that Knows it is time…

We bring many gifts of Home for you to have revealed

for you to remember them once again….

if interested in a session please email me at my new

email address

i have witnessed many of what you would call “miracles”

as the love that moves thru me is simply allowed to be given

with out any attachment…..Love does it all…i simply give it away….

my love to you all …..remember we are the peace…remember we walk

on sacred ground…..and reading this today dear one’s, well, it is

not by accident……Namaste…