~ A PROMISE KEPT ~ The New Earth/Yeshua/denisa

just a reminder to all of you….friday the 30th…tomorrow

evening ….join us on the free conference line..

if you have any questions please contact denisa

at her new email address…..Sacred10pathways@gmail.com  (number 10)

call in at 712-432-0265  free call

access code 315677#  4pm Pacific…



I  greet all of my beloved brothers, sisters

and “friends” of the Heart…for you see..

the grandest desire birthed from within my heart

has been for this moment to come and BE with You

as ~a promise kept~

YOU are the Promise..

You are the Return of Love….

We walk now, side by side, hand in hand

knowing of our Power within

that alone Heals all Things..

Blesses all things..

transcends all of the world….the world

of a thought born that truly had no meaning…

that we could be separate….

Join me as we will bring forward Love’s

Gifts ….for the New Earth is visible to you now…..

and as you will come to know as we

walk together as Christ….

it is only One Loving Thought Away…..

Your scientists have now allowed you

to see, to reveal your twin earth….

in truth, it is YOU who have arrived

in a state of consciousness where

it can be “seen”…..

so dear one’s….congratulations are in order!!!!

So there will be much to share….

rivers of love will flow thru your being

as we join with you in song….

Your Beloved Yehsua and Denisa join with you..

This session will be on Friday, July 31st

at 4pm pacific….7 pm Eastern..6PM Central

a donation of 11.00 is appreciated….

This will be on the free conference line….


access code 315677#

it will be recorded

all listeners please go to http://www.thebridgetohome.com

be sure and sign in if you are not already

on the list….i will be sending out daily recorded

short messages starting the week of August 1st…

so if you are new…you will want to subscribe..

it is free..also….if  you receive this message

twice, please let me know….

please feel free to share this with

all who you feel would like to join with us…..

there will be a lot happening between

now and the end of September….

so join with us in song and allow our heart

to join with others as we together

acknowledge our Mastery

and Bless this World…

my love…denisa


Also, if you are interested in a session

for any reason…..illness, fear, change

Yeshua and the Company of Heaven

join with me in these sessions…

Love Does what Love Does….i simply allow

it to move thru me….more information

on my site about sessions…


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  1. Beautiful… promising, for LOVE has, is and will always be fulfilling.

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