Love’s   Presence…

 Heaven is but a thought away…

 When I first heard the words …..Heaven is but a thought away

 that Jeshua channeled

Thru Jon Marc Hammer in the Way of Mastery

I  did  not have a direct experience of this

And so as lovely as it sounded it  truly

Had no real meaning for me…

Only that which  we experience

Can be Real for  us..


Yet…after many years now of listening …channeling

And practicing the dharma’s that Jeshua has given

Thru me..I know this now to be the truth

Of Reality…


Love is always present..

Yet………thru his beautiful teachings we come to see

All of the beliefs we carry within us

That have veiled the truth of Love

As our only Reality…


It is with great humility and admiration for this

Masterful teacher

That I bring forth these teachings now

As he has asked…


Love is only a thought away…

Yes…it is a total retraining of the Mind

To see only love within all arisings..

All events………..


It takes great courage to be willing

To give up what you think you see

And  remember what it is to

Live from the heart

Which is to “see” only love…


When Jeshua says

“if you would allow me to show you

the way”

He is giving you an invitation…


He is asking if you would but allow him

To enter your heart

So that you can begin to hear

The Voice of Love

Within  yourself above all other “voices“…


My purpose is to bring forth

The invitation

So that if you should so choose

He can fill you with the wisdom…

The knowledge..the love

That is already within you Now…


All you need do

Is open the center of your heart

And invite him to come and abide

With you….


I f you have come across this site

I do know that it is not an accident

For Love call s those to Itself

As they are ready for the perfect

Teacher along with the perfect teaching

That will touch your soul with such a knowingness

That you will have no doubt

That this journey on The Bridge To Home

Has been calling from within you

For a very long time…


Jeshua often asks of me to

~dive into god~

To dissolve the self  by letting go of everything

unlike love within us

Thus allowing that which you truly are

To Be once again…


As we let go of all unlike love

It creates a “space”

For the light of the divine to enter there- in

And fill us with the elixir of love…


With that said….

Welcome to The Bridge To Home…




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