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The Bridge to Home eBook Volume 1

The Bridge to Home eBook Volume 1

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I purchased all of your other books and I am connecting dots in my understanding. I resonate very much to how the words bring me to the feeling of Oneness. Thank you all.
Carmella Liff

Claiming Your Divinity

Claiming Your Divinity: As Christ Walking in Our World

Jeshua Energies are present in all of us. These are the expressions of our Fullest Self that know the truth of our being. It knows the beauty of our world. It knows the innocent holiness of our being. It knows that Love is all that exists. In this book in the series of books that Jeshua energies dictated and demonstrated through Denisa Nelson, Michael Carluccio and Anne DiDomenico, you, the reader, are called to allow your Fullest Self to join them in expressing and seeing the Love in your world. We are birthing the “real world” that Jesus speaks of in A Course in Miracles. We are expressing the “heart of Love” that is so beautifully unfolded in The Way of Mastery. Will you answer the call? Buy NOw$11.99

The Power of Jeshua Energies

The Power of Jeshua Energies: The Journey Within - An Extension of "The Bridge to Home"

This Name, Christ, then becomes no name but it is absorbed as the eternal Love that created us and fills our being at all times and in all places. This journey, within the kingdom of Heaven, was taken by Denisa, Anne and Michael and is offered as a testament of the Truth of our Being. In reading these words you will be constantly asked by your inner self to join with them in this journey. All it takes is your willingness.
“Where two or more are gathered in my Name, I AM there.”

Giving this willingness you will be gently guided by the Comforter within us all.

The results are miraculous.


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The Bridge To Home

The Bridge To Home: A Shortened Version of A Course in Miracles & The Way of Mastery

In the world of duality the symbols of separation abound. This book is an example of bridging the gap between this dualistic world and the world of Oneness.  The world of Oneness is the real world where no real separation exists.  It is a world where unconditional love pervades all for all and everything.

Denisa, Anne and Michael in their commingling with Jesus here express the Jeshua love energies which symbolize the “Bridge” to this “Home of Oneness:” a Home we never truly left but simply denied in our dream of separation.


The New Now

The New Now: Conscious Creating with Jeshua Energies

In the ‘Old Now,’ what appear to be loving acts of kindness often cover unconsciously hidden beliefs such as greed, conflict, competition and cooperation.  All the planning and manipulating for future safety, health, wealth and comfort proves to be ineffective for any long-term security.  Death is inevitable.  In the ‘Old Now,’ one’s power to create remains unconscious.

In the ‘New Now,’ responsibility for creating as conscious creators is embraced as both a gift and a right, for our knowing is that we are the very reflection of the Source.  Giving is easy in this ‘New Now,’ because it is known to be the only way to receive.  Here no thought of individual gain exists as real, for we know all is one and in this way, we experience giving and receiving as one.  The Love that sources all reality is seen for what it is behind any manifestations that appear to the contrary.

In these pages you will find messages to help you discover the power we call “Jeshua Energies” or “Christ Consciousness.”


The True Servant of Abba

The True Servant of Abba

You become the true servant of Abba when you consciously allow all things in your world to reveal the Love that is the true source of “All That Is.”

“How do you do this.” you may ask.

This book is one guide along with the previous books in the series (The Bridge to Home, The Power of Jeshua Energies, and Claiming Your Divinity) dictated by Jeshua ben Joseph to Denisa Nelson, Michael Carluccio and Anne Di Domenico.

The entire series is sourced as a commingled undertaking by Denisa, Michael and Anne.  They allowed this to unfolds by placing their egos in service to their Fullest Self.  Now this Fullest Self is placed in service to Abba.  Making this conscious choice to surrender to your Fullest Self is sep one in becoming the true servant of Abba.


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