Healing Sessions with Denisa

It is my pleasure and joy to begin to work with my brothers

And sisters who have chosen to walk the Bridge Home To Self…

It is my goal to assist others in beginning to connect

With their own inner  teacher…their own Voice O f Love…

On a much deeper and more meaningful way…


After many years of sharing the journey with Jeshua

By channeling his messages it is now time for me to

Use this body as a vehicle for the presence of love

To move thru  me and touch the Soul  in such a way

That the very presence of Love can be known and felt

By others…

Often I do not know how love will touch you…speak with you…

Heal you…awaken you…I simply allow the process to work

Thru me………..I simply allow myself to be a blank vessel and

Listen for the guidance that will be given to you…


What I do know is that love moves thru me in mysterious ways

And it is always in the intention that you bring to the  healing session

That will bring forth the fruits you seek…

If your intention and goal is to Know once again

The very Love you are then these sessions

Will help to “remove the blockages” to this very truth…


If you have come across this message and it touches your soul

In such a way that you recognize it then you are in the right place…

One thing I do know…these words would not be in front of you

If you had not called them to yourself….Yes…precious hearts..

This is the power that is within you now…We call to ourselves

That which we are ready to receive…….and there is a “feeling”

Within and behind the words that touches you….Yes…

The words that flow thru me are merely a symbol of the Love that

Exists within the spaces and around the edges of the very words

You are reading….There is Always something much grander

Than what meets the earthly eyes going on whenever I

Speak or write the words that flow thru me

From Divine Mind…


I have been a student of the Course in Miracles….and

Then The Way of Mastery came into my life..

After some time…Jeshua started to channel messages thru

Me …pathways….that  if one would choose to put into practice

Will begin to dissolve the illusory world that we have placed

Over the Real World……The World where only love exists…

It is for you to discover and re-member the very truth

Of the love you are………..  To look at all beliefs and roadblocks

That have blocked “the view” o f what alone is Real…

That Being Love….


I look forward to these times of sharing and insight for you see

As I give this out  to the world I receive the gift of grace

Three-fold………..As I teach…I learn….

I simply come to each moment as an empty vessel and allow

The elixir of love to fill me and spill out and be felt

By the one who joins me………

The Circle of Light  which includes Many Masters and Teachers

From across the veil surround me and  will speak thru me

As we enjoin in this process…


With Love…Denisa

If you are interested and not quite

sure that this would be for you,  email me at deniseanew@aol.com and I will be glad to speak with you…

Click the “Buy Now” button below to schedule a Healing Session with Denisa.

franci.starfirehealing@gmail.com writes:

“I have had a relationship of a student / guide with Denisa Nelson for over 2 1/2 years and what is MOST outstanding is the LOVE that I have felt that has connected us since the inception of our now “matured into” friendship and her never ending role as a teacher. She has ALWAYS been “right on target” and forever reminding me that she is but a facilitator between myself and Jeshua Ben Joseph.  In as much Denisa has been absolutely consistent in her guidance about what it is that I need to learn, practice, or meditate on so as to continue refining my 30 year journey through ACIM and thus into my deeper/higher Self “.

Lynda Biddle writes:

Ohhh, Denisea…..that is so beautiful and so timely… I thank you dear heart for being the beautiful clear channel that you are.

How many times I have sat down at the computer to see these little reminders of who I truely am, which has allowed me the space to walk away from the illussion that I have created for my own entertainment…..  Why else would we do it ?   Love all ways…. Lyndax


  1. Elizabeth Bunker

    Dear and loving sister…..I would love a session with you.
    Blessings, Elizabeth

  2. I would loveto have a healing session with you and Jeshua. If you would allow me to defer a donation until the Fall. I follow Jeshus’s teachings and they work. Yet still there seems to be something missing that I would like to know about and I have great trust in this connection.

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